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Asymptomatic, worried to infect my wife

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Hi guys:


I'm really new here and doctor are like they don't care about herpes.


I found out I have HSV1, with my annual STD check (first time ever), the level of the Egg was 78.9 (super super high .....).


That was 6 moths ago. I don't really know if I contracted it even before.


Never in my life I've have a cold sore, itching, blister, no symptoms in mouth or genitals, at all


Doctor told me it was normal, lot of people have it and that's it.


Reading different blogs I learned that even if you don't have symptoms you may still shedding the virus and infect other people and the worse part is that you don't know if you have genital of oral herpes.


Next visit to the doctor I expressed my concern about infecting my kids o my wife (she did the test and it was NEGATIVE). The doctor said the same, didn't care about my concern.


I visited different doctor and he said the same, it's normal, many people have herpes, if I don't have symptoms then there is no concern at all.



Last month we got pregnant and I told the Gyn my concern and she said the same thing, no blister, no sores, then it's ok.

Sadly we lost the baby, but this is another story.



6 months after first test I did another one, and HSV1 Egg was 77.5. (Different lab from the first one)


You know why the number is so high?



is really no risk when you are asymptomatic?


If there is a risk how can I avoid to infect my kids and my wife?


this situation is frustrating





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You can't tell how long you've had it by the numbers. The facts are that more people have HSV than don't, 80% of the population has HSV1/ 25% has HSV2, 1 in 5 people have herpes, 90% of the people that have it, don't know they have it because they get little if any symptoms. Often herpes is not included in an STD screening, because it's not a big deal.



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Hi, @kiko. The index value (the number from your test) is simply a positive or negative result. A higher number does not mean you've had it longer. It doesn't mean anything unless it's over 1.1 in which case it means simply that you're positive. I've had HSV1 and HSV2 for over 20 years and my HSV2 index value was 3.27. Don't stress over the numbers.


Estimates are that 50-90% of American adults have HSV1 (the older you get, the more likely you are to have it). It is extremely common. Only a third of those with oral HSV1 ever have a cold sore. It's true that if you don't have any cold sores or genital outbreaks there's no way to know where you have it. However, HSV1 prefers to live in the mouth.


It is possible to transmit HSV1 to your wife even if no cold sores are present. I believe Adrial has the transmission rates in his handouts on this site. The risk is pretty small either way, and transmission is not a given. I was married for 15 years without knowing I had both types, so I wasn't taking antivirals and we weren't using condoms, and after the divorce, my ex tested negative for both types.


Statistically speaking, it's most likely you have oral HSV1 and you probably picked it up as a kid, as most people do. HSV1 is very, very common. It's just not talked about because many people have no idea cold sores are herpes, and most people who have it don't know they have it because they're asymptomatic.


Here's a great handbook with more information. I also recommend the full book by Terri Warren.




Believe me, I know you're having a "WTF??!!" moment...that's very normal and I've been there! In time you'll learn more about the virus and realize why doctors are so nonchalant about it. It's a skin nuisance, problematic for a few, asymptomatic for most, that is not life threatening and is not going away. Get educated then get on with having a fabulous life. :-) {{hugs}}

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