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GHSV1 Transmission Question

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A few months ago I tested positive for HSV1 after an outbreak in the genital region. I'm still not sure when/wherr I would've picked it up but I'm not super hung up on trying to figure out because so many people have HSV1 it would be pretty well impossible to be able to trace it back. I've just gotten into a new relationship and he says he gets cold sores on his lips although hasn't had an occurance in the time I've known him.

Just wondering if anyone could tell me a bit more about the transmission of GHSV1 to a partner who already has OHSV1. I understand that they already have HSV1 but is it possible that coming into contact genitally could potentially result in an outbreak of GHSV1 for them? Could I have outbreaks orally as well?

Any info would be greatly appreciated.

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Hey! I also have HSV1 on my genitals and haven't had any experiences with people yet but my doctor said that if someone has HSV1 on their mouth they can't get it on their genitals and I couldn't get it on my mouth! so it doesnt shift places, where you first got your outbreak thats where it is. but we still can get HSV2

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@kiti_ara-I am glad you joined this discussion. I am sure somewhere on this website this question has been asked but I was diagnosed in Apr 17 with genital HSV1. I have recently met someone who has HSV2. He talks about sex and says its ok that I have it genitally because basically its the same thing. I have never had any sores or blisters since this happened. Only itching and occasional nerve pains. It was found via Pap and appeared to be on my cervix. I am happy to say I met someone who understands but I am terrified at the same time that I can catch HSV 2. I have read its much worse and hurts like the devil. So the question is can you catch both genitally? I don't want to judge another for herpes but after my diagnosis I am doing everything in my power to take care of me first and I do not want to deal with the HSV2 if possible. Please don't judge, just wanting facts before I let this relationship begin.


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