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"Equivocal result" on herpes blood test?

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Okay so I will start from the beginning. I was in a 9 year monogamous relationship and it ended in the beginning of the year. I met a guy about a month ago and we went out a few times and ended up sleeping together. We've slept together 5 times all protected and he went down on me once with no protection. Well the day after our first few times sleeping together I felt like I had a uti coming on. I knew bc I never showered or peed after the multiple sex sessions. I know I know my fault. I am a pretty anxious person and I tend to think the worst so I freaked myself out that I had an std so I got tested a week after having protected sex. Highly unlikely for anything to be definitive a week after but as people with ocd/anxiety will understand an instant relief is what I was going for. Well my uti was lingering so I went to have it checked out. I also was having allergy/sinus/swollen glands in my neck. It turned out to be bacteria in my urine so I was put on antibiotics. The next day I called and got my std results. Everything was negative except that I was Equivocal for hsv2 with a 1.07 number. Not negative but not positive. Hello Limbo. I talked to my partner and he said he had no obvious symptoms and never had a reason to be checked for herpes and it had been a year or so since last tested. Well he got tested and he got a similar response. They said he was not negative but not positive either. His combined number for hsv1 and hsv2 is a 5.6 but there was no differentiation on his scale. So he was retested today specifically for hsv2. The doctors at Doctor's Care said it could have been a false positive. I know I have to wait 3 months for a definitive answer which really sucks. I'm just looking for people who may have had a similar experience. I will find out on tues or weds about his results and that will probably give me a better idea on where I stand. What are the odds of my equivocal actually turning out to be negative? Would a uti cause a weird reading in my bloodwork? What factors can cause an equivocal reading in the first place especially if I tested only a week after and that was clearly not enough time for antibodies to build? If he is in fact positive what are the chances I wouldn't have caught since we we're safe, and if he is positive should I consider myself positive.? I was given the igg herpeselect and I think he had the igm/igg since it was a combined result. I'm kind of expecting the worst but hoping for the best. Any insight would be much appreciated and super helpful. Thanks.

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Hi day_by_day,


I'm Ashley. I have a little background in the public health aspect of HSV so I'm going to try to answer your question as best I can. Equivocal is only negative if three months have passed since exposure to a partner with HSV. I would get the igg test in another three months to know for sure, but from what you're describing, it sounds like your partner almost certainly is positive which is a reasonable indicator that you may have been exposed. I also agree with the above poster about the Western Blot test. You can call University of Washington Virology Research Clinic at (206)720-4340 and ask to speak to a clinician about herpes.

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