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Chronic cervicitis anyone?

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Hello all.


I was diagnosed a little over a year ago. Since then I've had increased discharge, chronic period-like cramps, more intense periods, and pain during sex. External genital irritation is minimal but persistent. If I had to guess I would say I have hsv induced cervicitis. However, I have been to several gynos with my concerns who have looked at my cervix and have not noticed anything out of the ordinary.


I am on a daily dose of Valtrex. have been given medicine for yeast on the off chance it was that even though my tests were negative. I have been placed on a couple different kinds of birth control in case that could help it (the first kind made my cramps extra severe so I stopped). I have been tested for all STDS multiple times now, I only have H. I am also free of BV and yeast and Trich. I am now worrying about things I have never had to worry about before like infertility. I am very scared and depressed. It even hurts to stand now and I have a host of other health issues (non-h related) that is making me fear for my ability to just keep living or ever have any feeling of being comfortable and confident in my own body again.


I keep on having to go back to these gynos with the same issues I'm sure they are getting sick of me but I can't help that I am still in pain. I am scheduled for a CT scan even though my doc didn't think it was necessary. Is there ANYTHING else I can ask them to do to identify/cure the source of the problem? I am worried that with a viral infection there is nothing much else I can do but keep taking antivirals. The discharge alone is driving me crazy.


Has anyone else had similar symptoms due to h? Did it eventually go away? Are there particular remedies you could suggest, perhaps to decrease inflammation in there?


Thank you sincerely.

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Hi there, I wanted to reach out as I saw no one has replied yet. I haven't experienced this, but I am newly diagnosed two and a half weeks ago. During my initial outbreak, after being an symptomatic carrier for who knows how long, I had some pelvic discomfort. I think part of it ended up being my constant tensing of muscles in that areas as my anxiety was through the roof and since that decreased my pain did too. I'm NOT saying that's what's causing your pain as I'm sure there is a very real cause! I'm just sharing my experience. While I don't have your symptoms, I have some random things going on that I too have no idea if they're related or not. You are far from alone! I'm so sorry you're going through this and hope the CT provides some answers

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