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Herpes Limbo

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Hello All,

Well to make a long story short I got tested a week after having sex with my partner. My result came back Equivocal so my partner got tested. He got his results back today and he is positive for hsv2. When I got my equivocal reading a couple weeks ago I had the most intense mental breakdown. All I could hear was equivocal for herpes and you are going to die tomorrow. Not the case obviously. I confided in my best friend and I began doing my research. I would not call myself a herpes expert by any means but I have become so educated about it these last couple weeks. I am not as stressed about it and I realized my life would continue. :) Now my status is currently not negative but not positive. I tested too soon and plan to retest to know 100% where I stand. I of course hope to fall into that negative range but considering his positivity and even though we were very safe I have to be realistic at the possibility of having it. I am happy I found this site and everyone on here is so helpful and inspiring. I have found so much peace after reading posts and learning about everyone's struggle and life. I went through such a wave of intense emotions at the mere thought of this happening to me. Everything was so surreal feeling and I got stuck in the land of regret and what if. I cannot change my actions and I cannot control what result I will have. What's done is done and now I have to deal with it. I am choosing to be happy and not stress too much over this. Easier said than done, but I stressed myself out to the max with the first week I dealt with this. It is annoying to have to hang out in limbo because I'm dying to know where I stand. A part of me feels I will indeed have it but then again there is hope and a chance that I won't. I just want to thank everyone here for being so honest and real about such a common issue in life. I had my own thoughts on herpes and saw it as a horrible dirty thing only promiscuous people get stuck with. It can happen to anyone and this guy I was with was the 2nd person I've slept with. Scary. Even if I do end up with a negative hsv status I am so much more educated and compassionate to people that have herpes. I see it in a totally different light, and if I am positive I am ready to tackle it. I have the realization of knowing this isn't the worst thing that could happen to me. I also know that I have an extended online family to embrace me. I will keep you all posted as my case is probably an interesting one.

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Inspired by your strength and courage in sharing your tender heart. Much love and hugs!

Note: This is for informational purposes only. This information does not constitute medical advice or diagnosis.
I'm not a medical professional, so please take this as friendly peer support. 

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Wow. I'm SOOO impressed with how you sought out information almost immediately....that's huge! And look at how fast you've accepted the situation for what it is, and you already know you'll be ok regardless of the outcome. GOOD FOR YOU!

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