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Potential exposure to HSV2 - And odd symptoms timeline.

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Hi guys.


So i recently hooked up with someone with HSV2 . He didn't tell me beforehand, because who knows? Anyway, he was not super educated on the virus or how it transmits, and because he didnt have any symptoms since last year, assumed that he wasn't shedding. He presents anally, but didnt have any active lesions at the time of contact. Our contact extended to brief rubbing of our genitals together, and mutal oral, with my performance on him being a lot shorter than his on me.


Now, since then i have had symptoms around my mouth only, and im not sure how symptomatic of herpes they really are. I've attached a detailed timeline of my sexual health history from the past few weeks to show how it progressed, and i'd really appreciate if anyone could educate me further on how much i should be worried, as i unfortunately suffer from OCD which is why ive squeezed and aggravated these bumps.


Thank you in advance.


- Surgery - Tuesday 11th july on testicles to remove sebaceous cysts - for period afterwards i experienced not burning, but warmth when peeing and dark urine. Kept having a dry throat the week after and a dry mouth.


- Mon 17th d i hooked up with a guy, we had oral sex (I rimmed him) and that was it. We have hooked up a good few times as friends with benefits, so i had come to sort of trust him.


- By the end of this week i wasn't feeling 100%. I knew something was up in my throat.


- Sat 22nd i went on a date and we made out a lot. He attested to having been screened for everything and being HSV negative across the boards for his job


- By the beginning of Sunday, i was feeling under the weather.


- Sunday 23rd i met a guy. We jerked each other off and briefly rubbed our penises together, then i briefly performed oral sex on him before he performed more substantial oral sex on me. In all, the encounter was short. Afterwards, he told me he has HSV2. There is no active outbreak and he says he hasn't had one in over a year, but nonetheless, it triggered my violent OCD about STDS.


- Monday my symptoms worsened, the urine had actually stopped being dark and sort of off smelling, but my throat was sore, and I could feel feverish aching tendencies coming on. These symptoms progressively worsened throughout the week, and had been growing the previous week.


- Tuesday i received an STD test whilst getting my HPV vaccine, i asked about HSV2 and they told me the risk was quite low, but not non-existent.

- My symptoms of feeling poorly worsened.


- By Saturday a small spot appeared on the top of my lip. I do get acne, and sometimes, but not frequently around my lip. Being OCD i squeezed it immediately without seeing what it formed into. It didnt really eject any matter which is unusual, But it definitely was a swollen area. Another similar spot appeared a few inches to the right, but it apepared to have a whitehead. I squeezed it too.


- Monday morning my OCD was in full throttle, i went into the clinic to discuss the spots, and they informed me that my test results back and i was positive for Oral Gonnorhea. All other results, including HIV, negative. They once again looked at my face, offered to swab and told me it didn't look like herpes typically. i Declined the swab because i didn't feel equipped to deal with another blow in results. I was treated for the oral gonorrhea and later i discovered it came from the guy on the 17th.


- As the week went on, i developed very much head-coldy symptoms. But also with aches and fever. Lots of phlegm, dry lips and eyes, and a nasty cough from the matter in my throat.


- The spots on my lips didn't get any worse. In fact, they pretty much got better after day 2, they tingled a bit but i felt that could be from sun exposure to dry lips and putting tea tree on the area (as well as squeezing!) The original spot has kind of healed a bit like a crater. At no point did they crust or ooze, but i have to say when i squeezed the original spot the liquid produced was clear rather than a typical spot discharge.


- I got another spot on the corner of my mouth. This one produced enough material to know 100% it was acne. My lips remain dry and cracked. I feel very 'under the weather' and congested nasally. My sore throat is better but i feel exhausted.




I do wonder if i contracted either HSV1 or HSV2 from someone, and specifically since i was exposed to HSV2 - how common is it to have that transmit to your mouth?

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Hey all, any thoughts on this? My flu-like symptoms, i should add, are accompanied by upper respiratory symtopms like phlegm, mucus, nasal congestion and a cough/sneezing. My fever is still pretty up there.


I also developed some sort of spot/growth in the corner of my mouth as i can say that im now worried might also be HSV.


Based on this, i checked my anus last night and found it looked very angry! An angry anus. Heh. Anyway, i have HPV so i could see it had returned which sort of sucks, but i was also worried that the inflammation of my anus could be related to HSV2 as well.

I went to emergency and got swabbed.


I have two questions about this


1. How often is it to only get orally infected with HSV2?

2. When it presents initially on your genitals, does it appear pretty much at the site of contact with the virus? We had 0 anal contact whatsoever.

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Oral HSV2 is rare. The virus can exit the skin anywhere in the boxer shorts region. To the best of my knowledge, there is no way to know where the original site of infection was. But if, for example, a woman only had vaginal sex, it's still possible she might have outbreaks around her anus or buttocks or even thighs. While those with recurring outbreaks tend to get the outbreaks in the same place, they can and do move locations sometimes.


Your best bet is to go back to your doctor and specifically ask for herpes testing. If you think you're having an outbreak, the doc can swab the lesion. Otherwise, you need an IgG blood test. Keep in mind it can take up to 16 weeks post exposure to test positive on a blood test. The test is measuring antibodies your body produces in response to the virus. How long it takes for each individual to make enough antibodies to test positive is highly variable.


Since you've stated concerns about acquiring herpes, you may find these two links helpful. One is an infographic showing its prevalence, and the other is a short handbook talking about basic facts, including transmission. Since the majority of adults have at least one form of herpes, and the majority don't know they have it because they have no symptoms and it's not routinely tested for, it's highly probable you will encounter it again in the future.






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Thanks for the helpful comments. I've always been doing my research on it due to my ocd. But I wondered if anyone has any insight on how short ten to fifteen seconds forttage night cause transmission. Obviously oral sex can transmit bit it's rarer for hsv2.


I have had my anus swabbed and the results came back negative. The spots on my lips people keep telling me don't really look like cold sores and haven't crusted etc at all.

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Hi guys, quick update, ive been to the clinics a few times. The swabs from my anus and mouth both came back negative and nurses at the clinic told me the spots around my mouth really didnt look like herpes.


I have had itching around the base of my penis and anus - but i suffer from HPV on my anus which makes it itchy when im run down, and my penis base i can only suspect is due to a surgery i had recently where they shaved my pubic area and it's growing back....can anyone confirm that itching around the base of the penis is unusual for this? I have no other symptoms other than this flu which happened literally on the day of/after my hookup contact.


Sorry to be such a pest. Thank you in advance!

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Hi guys, so i have still had a sore throat and fluey symptoms which also was accompanied by green phlegm and general malaise, my penis was itchy for a bit but i do wonder if that was psychological


Anyway, the clinics advised me that my spots on my lips did not look like herpes to them, and furthermore both a swab taken of a spot on my lip (but not the ones i was really worried about) and of my anus came back negative.


However, a gentleman i met up with less than 48 hours ago who came over to catch up and I ended up making out, with me thinking i was not at risk of transmitting anything.


I mean, i guess that was dumb in retrospect becuase i had a sore throat still when we hung out but i wasnt feeling so bad. Anyway, the day after we made out i was exhausted. Truly. Maybe cause he stayed over and i didnt sleep well. He got in touch saying he started having a sore throat this morning and was worried about things based on what i told him.


Surely one day is too soon for HSV symptoms to start?

Im still very worried. Yet to be diagnosed with HSV, but now wondering if its HIV or maybe its undiagnosed HSV.

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Hey guys. Not sure if anyone had any ideas on this? My penis became itchy like I mentioned about 2.5 weeks after contact and remained so for another week and half during which time I had an HPV outbreak on my anus. Which was also itchy. I guess just the spots on my lip, itchy penis and fever make me feel very suspicious but the clinic have said unless theirs active lesions not to worry as it's unlikely I'd have an initial breakout without seeing sores...

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I'm not sure what to think because normally symptoms of primary outbreak show 2-12 days after contracting the virus. What were your symptoms of HPV outbreak?

I had horrible first outbreak (HSV1- genital) with a lot of sores and fever, nausea, chills, sweats, sore throat. The sores developed within two-3 days and the other symptoms soon after

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