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I was diagnosed this week

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I didn't go to the dr for this specific problem or somewhat itchy, what I thought was a rash but nothing serious. Wanting to make sure it wasn't serious she tested it and I got the call that I was positive. I was in shock so I didn't ask all that many questions because I just didn't know what to ask and the call was at the worse time. I've always had mouth cold sores but never the other direction so I was just so surprised that this happened. But also not because I wasn't the type of person to ask someone to wear protection if they didn't offer first. I don't really know where to go from here. I've been with someone recently and told them about my diagnosis. I'm sort of still waiting for a response, but I'm prepared for a rejection. The first day was rough I cried all day. The though that giving birth to a child if I have an outbreak could mean a C-section instead makes my head spin, but I'm pretty young with no thought of having kids in the near future so I'm just psyching myself out. Anyways, I'm new here, please be nice to me :)

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Same here, I was diagnosed recently after having my first outbreak and it was from the guy I was dating who swore he was clean (he was of everything ELSE....) and now he gifted it to me. It's definitely not an easy thing to come to terms with, especially when herpes is like the butt of so many jokes.... and same here the thought of potentially not being allowed to give birth if I have an outbreak upset me so much.. but I am 21 so that's not anytime soon, I know by then I will have accepted that this is a part of me now. I'm here for ya.

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Hi ladies, I'm in the same boat but a bit older than you. I'm 34 and was diagnosed this week after I went to Dr. thinking I just had some razor burn and irritation from condom. I am totally heartbroken by this diagnosis and it's all I think about. It's been great to find this forum and see that WE are not alone and have each other to talk to.


We have Herpes, Herpes doesn't have us!! ❤️

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Hi @aries !! I think it's a shock at any age! Let me tell you it does er better! Everyday and with everything I read on this forum, I feel so much better about being able to live with the diagnosis! It helps so much to have someone to talk to though, I've only told about three people in my personal life and at the moment I'm not seeing anyone since the same week I was disgnosised I told the guy I had a great date with and he bailed, with no notice after I told him. :( anyways I'm not going to let it slow me down! Stay positive! I'm always available to chat! :)

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Hi. I just received message from my dr saying my blood antibody test is negative and they are still waiting on the swab culture to confirm diagnosis but that this is definitely new since the bloodwork is negative.

I'm sorry you haven't heard from the guy you like. That's hard. You seem like a pretty positive person so I hope it doesn't keep you down for long.

Have you told any family members? I've told 3 friends and I want to tell my aunt but I'm afraid her attitude towards me will change.. like she'll treat me like I'm contagious.

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@aries oh I see, I'm sorry!! My blood test came back positive for both, but I've had hsv type 1 since I was a child. It's hard to process, I had to call them back after they called with the results because I was in shock, it took me about two days to process everything. But when I called back I was able to ask all the necessary questions and really understand what all of this meant for my future. Hang in there!

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