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Telling Family - looking for advice/success stories

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I've been suffering through this first outbreak. I've taken 4 doses of valtrax so far and it hasn't helped much. I was diagnosed on Monday and have since told 3 female friends who I know I can trust. Two are like mother figures (mine is dead

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Hi Aries - I feel your pain on the first outbreak and trying to get your body to respond and comfortable and emotionally stable with dealing with the news. I had my very first outbreak in May and I have since relied on my family. I am so sorry for the loss of your mother. I reached out to 3 true, honest girlfriends and both my parents and have found that it has made us closer. I am getting more emotional support from them but see my doctors because the outbreaks at times seem overwhelming. I believe you telling whom you feel comfortable with can give you some peace and protection. Just do what feels right. Hope you feel better - Cecilia

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Thank you for your response. I have been so emotionally drained over this I contemplate suicide. I have been diagnosed with HSV1 orally and genitally and am so afraid I'll pass this to my 9 yr old son somehow. He's a very loving boy and always wants hugs and kisses and sometimes to share drinks and since my diagnosis this week I feel like I've failed him the most. My choice to have sex has now changed my relationship forever with him. I'm ashamed and heartbroken. To make things worse my outbreak is very slow to heal and I'm in excruciating pain genitally and the flu like symptoms persist as well.

How many outbreaks have you had since May? What meds do you take and do you take them continuously? May I also ask how old you are?

I'm glad you've got support from your family. That must be a good feeling. I feel so alone.

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@Aries - I am in my late 30's and also have a son that is close to your son in age. I felt the very same way. I had to seek help immediately. The doctor told me my first outbreak or prodone period could last 4 to 6 weeks. Yes, you will feel better but right now physically and emotionally you are feeling the way I believe most of us have all felt. Stay strong. Don't think this will end your relationship or change your relationship with your son. Yes, things will be an adjustment but life is full of crappy adjustments. You will have to feel the pain and you will grieve...much like a loss. Do NOT GIVE UP. I will tell you this site....especially @hikingGirl helped me get back on track. I got educated in what I had and how to lower my stress and be around "good" positive people that lifted me up. I went to the doctor and am currently taking Valacyclovir HCL 1 gram tablet per day. I will stay on that until we discuss more options after my next follow-up. I had to use lidocaine that was given to me also by the doctor because I was in so much pain for my first outbreak that lasted about 4 weeks and I will tell you I still felt off for months. My mother had to watch my son because I could not walk. I understand where you are right now...you will get through this. You will continue to be the person/mother you are. Terri Warren has a ton of information on H and I read a lot on it thanks to @hikingGirl - Please hang in there and know that you will get better and you are still the human being that you desearve to be and will be. Much Love - Cecilia

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@cecilia did you take meds during first outbreak? We're the subsequent outbreaks less severe? I'm so afraid I'll have many recurring and painful outbreaks as my immune system is weak. I'm glad you had help with your son. I do too some days when he goes with his dad. I'm about 1 week into this initial outbreak and can't imagine it lasting a month! The pain is bad and I'm exhausted and sleeping a lot. Even when I sit in the tub to relieve sores I doze off! I'm taking meds but don't feel they are helping much if at all.

My dr contacted me today and said my son could only get infected through direct contact with a sore. I've read differently online so I'm still paranoid.

Are you feeling more "normal" these days? I hope so. Thank you for your responses. It's helping me keep going more than you know. Xo

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