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Dying Inside

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I just learned my diagnosis a month ago... My doctor said I could have acquired it way back... I am still in denial. Since I had the outbreak last month... I have been depressed since then so I guess the trigger for outbreaks are very strong. I haven't told anyone yet... I didn't have the guts yet it's killing me inside... To make things worse... I recently slept with a guy that I consider a very good friend. It was unprotected... Spur of the moment... I wasn't able to tell him that and I am pretty scared that I might transmitted it to him. He told me just a few hours after that he felt swelling/sore in his gums and the pain radiates up into his head. I am so scared... I don't know how to say it, it's like I don't have the heart to tell him and yet I know I need to but I don't know how, the fact that I wasn't able to tell him before that big night.... I feel that my life is going down the drain... I hate waking up in the morning... I cannot even eat properly. Don't know what to do...

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AbbeygaleMc I have never heard of symptoms popping up as soon as a few hours after intercourse but I suppose anything is possible. I guess if he performed oral on you and you were having an outbreak maybe that would be possible. That is something I would have to educate myself on. I am not going to tell you what you should do or what would be right but I do encourage you to tell your partner. I know it is not easy. I have been there and it sucks but he deserves to know and receive the proper medical care if necessary. We know that herpes depending on the severity and if left untreated may cause additional problems. This was your very good friend so as his very good friend this is something you should definitely think about. You would want to tell him before he has intercourse with someone else. Ending the cycle of STDs starts with those that are infected. We have to be aware, honest, advocates, and most of all safe. I know you have strength in you. Just be strong and remember first and foremost that this is your friend and you would not want to put his health at risk. Good luck to you.

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AbbeygaleMc I understand and you have every right to fill down and out. Baby steps. Have you thought of an alterate way to tell him. Maybe by email, letter, or text. I know those are not the best ways to communicate something like this but maybe those avenues will take some of the pressure off.

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AbbeygaleMC welcome :) don't be afraid its ok I've had it for 7 months and if you were having an OB and he went down on you then yes he could have gotten it ihave HSV1 from my ex when we first got together. Its a hard thing to go threw but you need to tell your friend because it was an honest mislays but not telling him will effect his health he will find out sinner or later but you need to let him know that you made a mistake and be there for him who knows maybe if he does have it you two can be H buddies. Stop negative think ihave a saying that works :) positive thoughts=positive results. It'll be ok ipromise no matter the outcome if you don't tell him its going to eat away at you and stress you out!!!! Iwish for the best if you ever need to talk you can always inbox me :)

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