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Getting back into dating...any advise?

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Hola friends!

I was diagnosed with HSV-2 back in May. I had been sleeping with someone for a few months but had recently ended things when I was diagnosed (pretty sure he was the one who exposed me) I also cut off a guy who I’ve had an on again off again casual relationship with for about 2 1/2 years also right before diagnoses.. I haven’t had sex since being diagnosed for reasons which include, but are not exclusively to, herpes. I want to get back into the dating scene and would love any suggestions as to best practices with this. Ideally I usually like to have a casual partner while looking for long term relationships as well. How have people found the online dating scene post herpes? Are you quick to disclose if you are only interested in a sexual relationship? Disclosing to romantic partners is definitely the scariest thing about herpes for me. I have no problem discussing it with close friends though. Advise from anyone who has had success and failure in getting back into dating after herpes is welcome! Thanks!

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You can check out PositiveSingles.com if you want to find others who are positive. You’ll see some of the same faces that are on POF and OKC.

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