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Big mistake! I need advice :(

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So I've been doing wayy better about H now and I most always forget that I have it now. It doesn't bother me that bad like it used to, I've been going out and getting back to myself. Having fun and what not. So much so that I went to have some drinks out at a bar and actually got pretty messed up... Buy then my ex shows up at the bar and well we were kissing and stuff, after bar close we went to my house to crash, but he wouldn't let me sleep, he wanted to have sex. I said no sex at all! I was pretty drunk and fell asleep and well he did anal with me... And I know that I was having a little outbreak, I have no sores or Anything but I feel a little odd. And like I sai he didn't know I have H but I also was way too drunk to function and I was half asleep . Do you think he'll get it :- / I'm so worried! It was a mistake and I regret me even being that intoxicated. What do I do!? Help any advice, I feel helpless. I feel horrible.

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Hi Starynite !


I think i got H the same story but different way ..i mean ..i got from my friend who was top me unprotected ..when i was drunk ..but just half way then i woke up to put his out ..but ..still to late after two months i got my test with HSV2 a week ago ...So i m not experienced but ..better You just tell him go to blood test ...


We better live in our true life then we not feel any guilty at all .....I hope you will feel better and live in peace with H

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Hi starynite,


your ex had sex with you when you were drunk and more or less sleeping, thats quit bad .....sorry even if he is your ex , this sound quit horrible to me.Dont worry if he get herpes, actually i think he would earn it....you dont need to worry about it at all, you said that that you dont wanne have sex at all...thats it.Seriously dont worry about him worry about yourself, he used you when you were completely wasted.

Good luck darling


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you have nothing to feel bad about! you not only are allowed but SHOULD beable to go out and have fun, do not feel guilty for having a few drinks because you werent able to stop someone from taking advantage of you. He choose to pursue anal sex with you even though you told him no, and as such its possible he has done the same to other women. Regardless, no means NO, not anal, and it is NOT your fault love. <3 Im in your same position I have come to terms with having H and honestly ive decided to not have sex with anyone that i wouldnt feel comfortable disclosing to, but if its forced upon you then theres nothing you can do if he catches it! Lots of good vibes your way, dont all yourself to wallow because you did the right thing and have nothing to feel bad about or feel ashamed of.

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How does he feel about taking advantage of you like that? I feel your heart in this, but don't feel your anger/self-respect for him crossing a boundary like that. I'm feeling protective over you hearing how he crossed the line. Not cool at all! It seems that most of your attention is on him, having compassion for someone who would do this to you instead of having your attention on taking care of yourself. He did this to himself without even giving you a chance to let him know! How are you to blame for that in any way?

Note: This is for informational purposes only. This information does not constitute medical advice or diagnosis.
I'm not a medical professional, so please take this as friendly peer support. 

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