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Persistent swollen/irritated meatus or burning urethra


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  • 2 weeks later...

Hey Jack thanks for checking up on me, my conditions do not seem to have improved. Although I have stopped taking meloxicam, I am on a supplement called prosta-Q and still taking 5mg of amitriptyline every night. My meatus is still inflamed and I know sex will be painful which has led me to feel depressed when I go home because I cannot go out and socialize with women because I know I will not be able to perform. I thought that this would run its course by now and that I would eventually heal but there has been no change. Sorry to say that I have not taken any mastic gum either but I have taken other antibacterial supplements. Please let me know your thoughts and if you have any other antibiotics in mind that I can bring up to my urologist. I am going to make another appointment. Again, thank you for checking up on me.

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  • 2 weeks later...

Hmm, it is odd that antibiotics would appear to make the condition worse. It would also appear you have been on multiple antibiotics with no improvement. This may represent a fungal infection rather than a bacterial one. I think you should talk to your urologist about possible anti-fungals (fluconazole) if no bacterial etiology can be determined. It has been shown that some cases of prostatitis would appear to be related to Candida infection.

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  • 4 weeks later...

Thanks Jack, sorry for the late response, does candida go away on its own eventually? I will bring it up to my urologist. The pain seems to be lessening but am still afraid of having sex because the tip still seems sensitive. The meatus still looks swollen and sensitive but it has been about 7 months since my first herpes outbreak.

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But compared to how I felt before, the penis feels slightly better but not completely 100%

I am wondering if my body or cells have learned to cope with pain but the underlying root is still there. Appreciate you checking up on me.

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  • 1 month later...

Hi Jack, I just went to my Urologist yesterday again, I got the fluconazole for 10 days but it is only 200mg. Hopefully it works! I also gave him another urine sample to test and if nothing comes up again or if fluconazole doesnt work, I will be getting a CT scan or a MRI to see what else might be the problem. He did check my prostate again and said that it was indeed swollen but was surprised I didnt have any pelvic issues. I will let you know again how the pills work out.

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I just saw my Dermatologist today too, she said that my glans look as though I have eczema so she said I should use Hydrocortizole but I am hesitant because it is known to thin out skin. What do you think? My Urologist did not mention to put lotion on it.

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I do not feel as if the Fluconazole is helping because it has been 3 days and no change. But, yesterday was the first time I did feel some minor spasms on the left pelvic area in the upper regions of the pubic area for a few seconds.

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My meatus is still swollen but my glans are not as dry and flaky as they used to be. I do not know if this is because of the fluconazole, but in any case my ten day prescription did run out. The glans do look better, but still feel as though the meatus is still the same, which is sensitive/swollen/slightly irritated. Work and working out are the only things that keep my mind off of it. Thanks Jack101! I think I will try to get an MRI or CTscan done next.

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  • 5 weeks later...

Hello Fonda. I hope you are well .


I have been following this post for sometime, as I think I am experiencing the same thing what you having currently , I was diagnose with HSV1 on last march via blood test ( as I didnt have any out break , thought im not sure when I had it ) the reason why my 1st Urologist ask to test STD because I received unprotected oral sex and 5 days after that i feel my tip of penis irritate and as well as i fell dull and heavy on my testicals.

up to today i never had and out break , but I am panicking as well because I dont know if I got it down there or on my mouth . and I am experiencing till today, my mental state is getting weaker and weaker.

I tried Cipro for 10days , I had Acyclovr for 5 days , I had Doxy for 14 days and it does not sub-site at all.


then I went to 2nd Urology , was diagnose with left verecocele for my testical and had PCR urine test for :


Chlamydia trachomantis -ve . Neisseria gonorrhoeae -ve . Tricomanas vaginalis -ve

Ureaplasma urealyticum -ve . Ureaplasma parvum -ve . Mycoplasma genitalium -ve

Mycoplasma hominis -ve ( he told me that if all this are clear means its clear ) but the irritation are still there and i will meet him up again next week.


any update on you condition ? hows the MRI and CTscan going?


please do update me ... im loosing my mind here .

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  • 3 weeks later...

@jack101 thank you for your reply , I notice I read your comment earlier as well that you are a Psycitian, I just took my hiv result mark on 95days and came out negative as well . ( phew what a relief ) on my condition , I notice the dull uncomfortable feeling on my testical and as well as irritation at the tip of penis is more obvious compare if I’m standing ,. I’m really not sure if it’s an infection or some melcfuctuon on my body parts . It has been 3 month . I read about comment on mastic gum as well , sadly I couldn’t find any at my local pharmacy . Can imfection last this long @jack101 ? As I am really more confuse now , does the herpes attack my nerve system down there .. it doesn’t hurt if I urinate, but feel much comfy after urinate .

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@jack101 , how do I know if this urethritis caused by hsv? I read that you mention as well it’s very rare , but let say the chance of it that what I’m having is cause by hsv1 how long does it took to recover ? Is this pain going to be forever? And I can’t have sex any more for the rest of my life ? I read other than hsv, hpv can cause urethritis as well .. gosh I’m so freaking out , your help and advice are really much appreciated @jack101

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I do not know why you think your urethritis is caused by hsv. Yes, HSV can cause urethritis, but you have to understand the mechanism of HSV. HSV has outbreaks and then remissions and causes urethritis via ulcerations (urine going over ulcers). The pain of HSV would only hurt when urine goes over the ulcers and would come in batches, not continual sporadic pain and discomfort.

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@jack101 thank you for your reply , I really appreciate it, ya I think that make more sense , what about HPV ( warts )? So far I only did my visual check if there any lump on my genital parts , but found nothing but only extra skins folding ( due to the size of penis shrink ) but sometimes felt itchy on the penis shaft ( still could it be hpv ? ) And is there any other STI test that I should check? So far I have checked for Hsv1 and hsv2 , hiv , chlamydia , gonorrhoea , tricomonas vaginalis , ureaplasma urealyticum , ureaplasma parvum , mycoplasma genitalium and mycoplasma hominis the result came back all negative except for hsv1 with reading 14.3 which I really don’t have any idea if that number is really an old exposure or just recent exposure .

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  • 9 months later...

Hey Fonda, how are you doing? I'm experiencing similar symptoms after unprotected oral sex (just like yours started), it has been 4 months, and I wanted to see if your symptoms had cleared up after several months (its April 2019 and your symptoms started in 2017)

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  • 3 years later...

Hello Fonda,


I'm experiencing the same thing except I have pain during urination and the cytoscope showed a tightening of my meatus. I did a pcr swab and that came back negative but not sure if I should do the blood test.  Have you figured out what you may have?

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