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Advice please

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I recently contacted HSV 2 from my new boyfriend. He had no symptoms whatsoever. I had an extremely bad OB but I’M STILL ALIVE!!


We are still together and I’m seeing him soon. The question I have is if I give him oral sex will I contract HSV 1? I really don’t want both!!


It’s the ‘no symptoms’ thing that has me stressing...

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HSV1 and HSV2 are different types of HSV...although genetically almost identical. If he has HSV2 and you give him oral sex while there is a chance you contract HSV2 orally, it is very very very unlikely. HSV2 by far prefers the genital area not the oral area. While HSV1 (or more commonly oral herpes) while it prefers the mouth has a higher risk of going to the genitals. Which is why there are so many new cases of genital HSV1.


If you both have HSV2 you can continue your sexual relationship per normal in my opinion because you both have the same virus. If he has HSV1 as well and you dont that would be a slightly different scenario

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