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Correlation of IgG index values for HSV-2

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Does anyone out there know about correlations the IgG index values have with anything? Such as time virus was in body, how prone to outbreaks one is, if one is more apt to infect others, etc. I have a IgG index value of 10 since my last test which was a week ago and I am just trying to figure out our correlations. I've read others with index values in the 1-3 range that have gotten OBs. I have not experienced one yet. Thanks.

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Terri Warren, a herpes expert, has said that beyond detecting the presence of antibodies in your body, the number really doesn’t mean anything. There is no known correlation (from what I’ve read) between the index value and outbreaks, transmission or how long you’ve had HSV.


Index values over 1.1 are considered positive. However, there are some false positives with very low values. Warren recommends further testing (like the western blot) if you have an index value between 1.1 and 3.5. In my own case, my HSV2 index value was 3.27 and I later confirmed positive with the western blot. When my ex-husband later tested negative, I realized I had herpes for 18-25 years and my symptoms were so mild (mostly itching) that I had absolutely no idea I had it. Most people with HSV either don’t have outbreaks, or they are so mild they’re mistaken for things like yeast infections, jock itch, ingrown hairs, etc.

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