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Worried I passed herpes to him

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So, I am in a new relationship. We have been having sex almost daily for a month. I started taking meds every day since we started having sex. He is ok with the risks, but the thought of passing it to him terrifies me! I was diagnosed 3 1/2 years ago. I had been on suppressive therapy until the last 4 months. I had never passed it. I got off the meds just to see how my body would react and Ibecause I wasn't having sex. My body handled it well. Once sex came back in the picture, I got back on the meds. Now my boyfriend just text me he thinks he's coming down with the flu. He says he has a fever and minor aches.....so of course the first place my mind goes is to me transmitting it to him. I know he wouldn't be upset, but I'm the one that's tormented by it. I'm praying that he doesn't have herpes and that he is just genuinely sick. I know herpes isn't a big deal, but I just don't wanna be the reason someone's life changes...whether we last forever or not. I know this sounds like rambling....but I'm just so upset.

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