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HSV1 oral or genital...

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I was diagnosed back in September 2017 with HSV1. My OBGYN told me it was genital, however I’ve never had an OB (genital or oral). Shortly after being told that I am H+ I started having tell tale symptoms both orally and genitally. I have done A LOT of reading about H since being diagnosed. Some say you can’t get HSV1 both orally and genitally, but others say you can. I’ve read if you have HSV2, you can’t get HSV1. So here’s my questions, can one have both oral and genital H? Does type 2 defend your body from type 1? (I do know that you can still get 2 if you have 1.)

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I think there is a lot of misinterpretation regarding transmission. The facts and statistics are complicated.

As I understand, it is possible to have both types of herpes in any mucus membrane (genitals, mouth, eyes, ears, nose... even fingers despite not actually being mucus membranes).

There are many factors that effect the odds of transmission, and immune resistance. But, touching sores directly and then touching another part of the body without washing hands is the most likely way to spread the virus on yourself, and sex is the most likely way to contact new infection.

I don't mean to cause anxiety. Good hand washing habits and safe sex reduce transmission drastically, and they are both easy things to do!

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