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Should I change Doctors- Ladies - I need your feedback!!

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I love my gynecologist but don't like the way I have been treated.


I have been trough a lot with this Dr. When I was a child, I was in an accident and had a crushed pelvis. Six years ago I had surgery to fix the damage that I had lived with for so many years. My Dr is an amazing surgeon, he and an urologist fixed all of my issues. I had to have cistocele, rectocele and urethrocele repair with a donor tissue graft. Living many years with issues and finally having an amazing outcome from fabulous surgeons, I really have a great loyalty to these Drs.


But with my GHSV-2 diagnoses I have been treated differently. I was celibate for nine years, just contradicted GHSV-2. I went to his office for my diagnosis 1/3/18. Then I did a full STD check through online testing. I thought everything would come back negative so I didn't want the test on my record. I tested positive for syphilis, but this happens often with people with autoimmune disorders. Which I have and have had always tested positive for since I was 21 years old. I asked my drs office for the blood test to find out for sure if I had syphilis, they refused. Said I would have to go through testing site I had used before. Even though I told the nurse about all of my autoimmune isssues, my Dr implied that I had probably had syphilis before,and that was why I had antibioties to syphilis. And the nurse told me if I did test positive for syphilis, they would probably not provide the treatment, since they had not done the diagnostic testing. Feeling like a whore!! Ok so my Dr has been married like 5 times and I am the slut with syphilis??? !!!


Ok so after their refusal, I did follow up testing on my own. No support! Ya, no syphilis!! Autoimmune disorder!! Ok they know I have pain in my joints, I have some kind of connective tissue disorder. It is in my medical records that I coughed so hard my rib detached from my sternum. I want to quit him but have a loyalty from my previous surgery.


Refusing further testing was his choice. He is MY doctor!! If I choose to do screening on my own, that is my choice! If I need follow up or help, he should be there for me. Am I wrong??


Ladies what would you do??? Love to hear your feedback- think some of you have been through this

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I don’t think you’re wrong in being upset! At the end of the day this is the person who you are intrrusting to help you when you need help. Yes he did this wonderful surgery that corrected issues for you, but you don’t owe him anything. If you do not like the way he is treating you I would definitely tell you to visit another doctor.

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