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Suppressive therapy

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I have just started taking acyclovir to prevent outbreaks and I am wondering if this will also help reduce transmission? Also is Valtrex and Acyclovir the same thing?

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That article was too broad and not what I've been told in 2018.

They are not the same but do similar work.

Both reduce shedding / transmission.

I just switched to Valtrex as Acyclovir was not working for last 4 months. Every body is different. If Valtrex clears me up for good, I will then stay on it as a suppressive for a while.


So, if you find something is working, I'd stay with it. I've been told your body will build up antibodies regardless of antivirals and while sexually active it could help to reduce transmission. Some use it. Some don't. Some just get H from their partners and not worry about it.


Anyone who has immune compromised issues should Not mess with Herpes as H loves a weak immune system. I know. So, from my experience, it is totally my call if I wish to try, stay on anti-virals. From here, I would base it on how sexually active I am and with how many individuals. And of course, How I Feel.

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I’m still on acyclovir and will stay on It for a while. Nurse told me I will never have outbreaks while on it but I read ppl do. Still I’m little bit confused about the shedding, they told me transmission is not possible while on meds... it’s that correct anyone?

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Transmission is VERY possible while on meds. But risk is reduced. Meds and Condoms and full disclosure is best bet to not spread. I've known many that never spread it. I've not ever spread it before I knew I had it... but someone certainly gave it to me feeling the same, clean as a whistle.

I have OB being on antivirals... like over 4 months now (so I'm trying a new antiviral) - so, it varies from person to person. There is not one size fits all with this disease.

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