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New to this & have so many questions..

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The general shock has worn off, it’s been 10 days sinc my first OB started & 5 days since I was diagnosed. I’ve come to terms with the fact that I will have this for life, it will change me life, but it does not mean my life is over. I’m only 21, Originally when I found out I was so devastated I felt like suicide was my best option, I thought any chance of a decent life was over. I got over myself though & realized I was just going to have to learn to live with it. Now I’m more worried about how to take care of it. How do I keep it from spreading on my body? I’m HSV2 positive. Is there anything I can do besides antivirals? Any life style changes that will help to stay away from OBs? Will I ever be able to have sex again? Can it be passed with out sexual contact? Thank you in advance to anyone who can answer my questions, I feel very alone, my “giver” was a not so nice guy who things ended badly with before even realizing what he had given me.

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The only other place it could possibly spread to is your face (or maybe a finger: herpetic whitlow) . Since HSV2 isn't happy on the face, even if it spread there it would be extremely rare to exhibit recurring symptoms of oral HSV2. Plus, once you've had it for several months your body builds up antibodies and spreading it anywhere else becomes unlikely. Keep in mind that once it's in your genitals anywhere in the boxer short area is free game. So if your first outbreak is on your labia and the next is your butt cheek that doesn't mean it spread.


As far as doing something other than antivirals, take care of yourself. Eat healthy and try to limit stress.


As for lifestyle changes, again take care of yourself. Someone might be able to recommend dietary changes, but I don't have enough experience to add anything there.


Yes! You can have sex again. Daily suppressive therapy, condoms, and avoiding sex during out breaks will decrease the chance of transmission to less than 1% (I could be wrong on that stat, maybe someone can confirm or correct that for me).


Generally, no, it can't be passed without sexual contact. It requires skin to skin contact so you don't necessarily need a penis in a vagina to pass it.


Hope this helps!



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RESEARCH!!! Lots of great info out there and ask lots of questions to your doctor.

I still can't have sex or an orgasm without insertion without getting a BO just due to the friction alone... not like there was any but enough to piss off my disease.


Another I know that had a severe BO a couple months before I was diagnosed, took no drugs and she is having sex. It really depends on how our bodies handle it in the end.


I've been on drugs for it for 4 months, varying dose based on BO and inbetween - and so far, I don't think they are helping, but maybe. I see my doc next week.

I'd also look into clinics on this - I think they know more than most docs.


HSV2 is very doable, but can also be very Not Doable. Such is my case so far.

Hang in there and stay positive as you can.


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I don't know if I have HSV 1 or 2 but I've had it for two months now and have had lots of sex (oral and vaginal) without any problems. To be fair I haven't actually had a laboratory confirmed diagnosis, just a visual one, but there is only one thing that causes bilateral cluster of blisters in the genitals and it's called herpes. I'll get a lab test done at my next annual. As of right now I just don't care enough about this to spend my time at the doctor's for lab tests.

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