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Found out I have HPV, too

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So I found out I had HSV last year and a few weeks ago my test were positive for HPV too :( ... Does anyone have any advice on HPV? I feel overwhelmed about this situation. Trying to stay positive but I feel things keep on getting worse and harder.

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Here's what I know about HPV: 80% of people will have gotten HPV at sometime in their lives by the time they're 50 years old. And it's a virus that clears on its own (90% of HPV is cleared by the body's immune system). What strain do you have? Certain strains cause actual genital warts while other strains can cause cancer, so you might have to go in to get more pap smears if you have the cancerous type.


So hon, you're in the minority if you DON'T have HPV. ;) But do find out what strain(s) you have so you can take precautions if need be.


Here are some good articles I found:




Note: This is for informational purposes only. This information does not constitute medical advice or diagnosis.
I'm not a medical professional, so please take this as friendly peer support. 

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Hi Jessi,


I have hpv and HSV1 too and how i could see on this forum , we are not the only one with both viruses.HPV is really much in common, i really think that nearly everyone have it.....the problem is that there is no test for man or any bloodtest at all. To eat with coconut oil didnt helped for my herpes but for my hPV ,the test were negativ the last times...maybe you can give it a try...the taste is at beginning a bit strange but i got used to it.

see ya

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Hey jessi


Feel ur pain. It's been 5 weeks since I was diagnosed with herpes. Now I'm sure I have hpv too. All from a one nighter with the same 'donor'.


I'm having such a hard time here. If one wasn't enough. I'm going to the doctor on Monday to confirm. It's like I'm in an alternate reality. I'm having a harsh Time dealing.


I read Adrials stats and judiths response but I still feel all alone. Sooo alone.


How are you making out?

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Hey girls I'm in the 'two for one' club too. I've had HPV for 28 years...I thought my body had cleared it about 12 years ago but it came back again, same place, when I had my first Herpes episode nearly two years ago.


Initially I struggled with it and dating was a challenge (I avoided it like the plague!)...how do you tell someone about one let alone two?! But the reality is 80% of us have it...and like herpes, most people don't know they have it and have no symptoms. We are in the majority only we know about it.


I know how lonely it feels...just know that you aren't and I am sending you big hugs across the globe. xxx

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Thanks for sharing this Lelani - and for the virtual hugs!


Logically what you and the others say makes sense so ill have to work through 'feelings' till i can get to the otherside. Itll come.


Such a strange place to be. One of a majority, the majority of which have no idea.

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I am no doctor, nor do I play one on tv, but my doctor and I had a chat a few weeks ago about some pap results. She told me that basically is you've had sex, you have had HPV at some point in your life and that the body usually clears it itself. It can cause pap tests that come back with some red flags that need to be rechecked in 6 months but she said most of the time, the body clears the HPV from your system. She told me that unless you have had the shot, there wasn't really any way of avoiding it, short of a vow of celibacy. On the list of "things that keep me up at night" HPV is pretty much at the bottom of my list. But I can see having it feel like a huge deal getting that diagnosis on the heels of the herpes thing. As time goes on, the herpes thing can also make it to pretty close to the bottom of the list as well. It has for me anyway at the moment. I used to think about it and worry about it Every. Single. Day. Now I find myself forgetting about it. I meet someone and it's like "Oh yeah, I have herpes. I had better remember to mention that".


Hugs to you my dear. Just take it one day at a time. :) Honestly, it will all be okay. Like anything new though, you are working your way through it and how you feel and what it means to you. Any life change can be a bit stressful initially. I am glad you are here and reaching out. :)


Brenda xoxo

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Thanks so much to everyone for their encouraging and supportive responses and personal stories. I'm still surprised by how much these exchanges help in such a massive way. A few weeks ago I'd never have imagined. Today has been one of my best days in the last month. I know this mutual sharing played a big part. I'm so thankful for this forum!!

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EricaBlue, It takes great courage to reach out and allow others to support you. I am so happy to hear you hare having such a great day! Enjoy the fabulous days. Life has its ups and downs but savoring the days where you feel positive, enriched and blessed will bring you more of those days. :) Thank you so much for sharing your beautiful spirit with all of us. You are such a gift and I am so happy you are now part of this amazing family.


Much love!!


Brenda xo

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Hi Jessi!

Don't give up, it WILL get easier!

I found out I had HSV2 and High Risk HPV within 1 week of each other....pretty harsh. I'm not going to lie, I still get pretty stressed out when it's time for my 6 month check up for HPV. The statistics are good though..at a young age there's an extremely low percent of cases that will turn into something(almost nonexistent). In general only 20% of people who get it will actually turn into something within their lifetime, and we are talking getting issues from it way later on in life. or your body can CLEAR the virus, and you won't ever have any problems with it again. Although, I do have to warn you, mine was gone for a year. And it came back, but it wasn't anything and doctors relate problems with it to stress. So try to keep yourself as stress free as possible( I know it doesn't seem possible in these situations). If you have genital warts, then it's just like dealing with the HSV2. It's a minor annoyance that won't have any impact on your general well-being.

I'm sorry that you had to go through that, but you'll be a stronger and better person after this. And you have to keep telling yourself that you are stronger than these things. You can get through this, and you WILL get through it. Hang in there, it gets better/easier to deal with as it sinks in!

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Yeah, been there, "got that" My doctor asked me if I want the treated for two weeks with cryotherapy coming back and forth to the hospital or go with acid treatment and take care of it myself.


I had to move out of the country so I went for the acid treatment. Oh boy, that was painful hahaha , now I have some beautiful scars. Have anyone burnt his/her own delicate skin? jeeeeeesus


I don't know what is all this fuss with HPV, I know there is a corelation between HPV and the cervix cancer, but i guess It's the same for us guys with the prostate cancer and low levels of testosterone. I mean, what can we do about it? I am not going to live in fear for the rest of my life thinking about cancer, oh please.


I remember I passed the HPV onto a friend of mine. We both didn't know we had, but she was pretty sure it was me. Son one day she came back from the OB/GYN and she told me "I got this, hey! it was your fault" I said sorry I didn't know it, and she was ok with it. We remained super good friends today. That's all.

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Really doctors need to find a different way to get rid of warts :( I have scars all over my lady parts because my Dr. was uninformed. Ugh. Molluscum is just like a pimple, pop it and clean it with alcohol. No scaring and cheap solution. Too bad I found out 15 scars later :(((

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I was diagnosed with HPV over 6 years ago because I was pretty close to having cervical cancer. My obgyn did a colposcopy..btw I'm not sure if that's even how you sp the procedure but I remember going underneath the knife very well (removed my cervix, cut it out/scraped it with the hopes it would grow back with better cellular tissue.) I had to receive a pap every 3 months for a whole year to make sure I didnt have any malignant tissue growth on my cervix. I popped up clean and fine every time...then she moved me to every 6 months because I healed very well. After 3 years (and I really didnt have sex with anyone for those 3 years, but that's another story) years of having a nice healthy cervix, I only receive paps every 2 years. As Adryal says, 80% of the population has HPV. That's close to almost everyone


There's also 8 strands of herpes. Not only will I always carry HPV but I will always carry the chicken pox virus as well as the mono virus (all strands of herpes. I will never forget my affliction with mono...I had it a decade ago) in addition to the dis-ease of HSV2. I've had a total of 3 types of herpes!!


Find out what strand of HPV you have particularly if it causes genital warts They should have counseled you about this upon your first initial diagnosis. Heck, when I found out I had HPV, it I thought I had a major STD, I did but I thought I was gonna die from it and kill other people with me. I hope they were a lil more compassionate with you


Best wishes to you

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