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Relentless Leg Pain and Other Questions

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Hi Everyone,


I am new to this website, but have been living with herpes for almost 18 years.


A little history: my first year I had vaginal outbreaks every couple of months (always in the same place) and then it dwindled exponentially as the years passed. In fact, I haven't had an outbreak for almost 5 years until recently.


Symptoms started with the leg pain...worst it had ever been and then the sore developed on my outer but cheek. Closer to my side then my genitals. When the sore finally erupted I thought it was a spider bite and then I looked up leg sores and realized you could get outbreaks almost anywhere on your body. The leg pain subsided when the sore broke out. A few days later, the leg pain came back and immediately messaged the doctor for an Rx for valtrex. I have been taking the meds regularly and as prescribed but the leg pain has been relentless. I thought the leg pain meant another outbreak was going to happen. Maybe it didn't?


Has anyone else dealt with this? Additionally, has anybody else gone years without an outbreak and then when it reared its ugly head again it came back with a vengeance and in a completely different place? I am 42...could this be a hormonal thing? Also...if my outbreak is on my butt cheek is my vagina less contagious?


I really haven't kept up with herpes info, because honestly the worst it ever was was when I first got it and I thought my life was over (as everyone does). I did tons of research then, but its hardly impacted my life like I thought it would.


Thanks All!

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Hi Blue, I am new here and I don't know the site yet, but I'd just like to say that I'm older than you, and I don't react well to the meds so I'm stuck with at times massive fatigue and aches and pain, kind of flu-like, and I'm getting outbreaks all the time. I'm no medical person, but from what I know you are contagious no matter where the outbreaks manifest, though I could stand to be corrected if anyone would like. Hope you feel better as I write this.

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I get the leg pain so bad too. I went 9 years without one OB since my initial diagnosis and now its pretty much constant. Not sure what spurred it to jump out of dormancy, but its been hell on my life and my relationship since. Doctors have no answer, same old same old. Its beyond frustrating.

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I have oral and genital HSV 1.


I had my first outbreak 15 years ago at 21, and then not much after that with the exception of an occasional cold sore every few years, then BAM!! This past winter, things started going nuts! I was under immense stress and I think that the stress, coupled with my age and hormonal changes led to my ladyparts just erupting with a ton of crazy symptoms.


I'm now on month 5 of constant symptoms and I've talked to a few other women on this site and in my personal life that have either genital HSV 1 or 2 and went symptom free for years and years, only to have things go crazy in their late 30's or 40's... my guess is that hormones play a role in the body changing and someone it triggers this tricky little virus to become overly active.


From my experience, symptoms range from sores (small raw spots) that I had during the first 2 months to now just a tingling, a burning sensation and overall itching. I have never once had a blister or cluster of blisters. I'm in my late 30's.


I am now taking 1g of Valtrex daily to try to get these symptoms under control and also like you have been using tea tree oil as well.


I am shocked that something that affected me so little 15 years ago other than the initial outbreak can come back with such a vengeance!! I'm so depressed about it. Almost every day I'm having some type of symptom down there.


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