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Confused Results

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3/1 - i am a male (negative for hsv 1 / 2 tested last year) and had a 3 month relationship with positive hsv2 woman, she has had for 7 or 8 yrs. she always got it on the top part of her right butt cheek. she had more obs recently due to stress. had sex maybe 15-20 times tops, always protected except 1 time 2 months ago for a few seconds but stopped.she did have an outbreak about 1.5 months and we did not have sex for 3 weeks until it went away. she went on daily antivirals not long after this. about 2 months ago i started getting paranoid and felt itchy down there and had weird pains in groin and thighs and very very mild sensation in penis (also my testicles were red for the few weeks)but never any obvious lesions or blisters (occasional pimple or ingrown hair in pubic area but this is normal for me) nothing with extreme pain or itching or looking like a vesicle or blister.this went away after a few weeks. we did have protected sex on feb 16 (14 days ago)and no lesions present for her, then we started to have protected sex (i was behind her) for maybe a few mins total on feb 18 (12 days ago) but i noticed what looked like a typical cluster starting where she normally gets them and stopped immediately and jumped in the shower(she said she can normally feel them coming on but thinks switching to daily antivirals may have caused her not to feel the pre signals). The day after (or almost immediately) i got the itching and burning in groin and mild feeling in penis and red testicles again and the off and on groin and knee to thigh feelings(much more dominant on my rightside or msotly on right side down to the knee off and on) and still have them today but are getting better. Still no obvious blisters or lesions but again still have a few pimple or or marks that i normally get. def nothing like what you see pictures of and no pain in any of these marks, almost looks like my hair follicles are clogged (folliculitis or contact dermatitis?). I got igg results back 2 days ago and hsv 1 & 2 both negative (note this is now 8-9 weeks since i originally had the same symptoms that stopped and all most 2 weeks from the last exposure when i stopped ). Just want to get some thoughts for peace of mind that i should be fine with no lesions or having these feelings this long. Also please NOTE: last year i had a very bad bout of std anxiety, prob felt all of these same symptoms for a few weeks to a month and was tested for everything and was negative. So i am well aware of what the mind and anxiety can cause but it is still tough to tell yourself this. Just looking for some piece of mind cause last week we decided to part ways for other reasons and i am getting back into the dating world. If i get into a good mood about this the symptoms almost go away or if i have a drink and not think about they tend to lessen big time. THanks in advance to all.


3/13 -


update and i'm really confused now. I was tested on 2/26/18 negative IGG for both HSV1/2. My symptoms were the same as my first comment above for about 2.5 weeks but still no obvious blisters and everything is fine now. I tested again at 3 week mark just to get a standpoint at 3 weeks and then would test again at 3 months. Got the results today (3/1) and im negative for HSV2 and equivocal for HSV-1 (1.04) this was exactly 3 weeks from last exposure. I contacted the girl and she said she tested positive for HSV2 via swab test 7 yrs ago and had full blood test panel done 1.5 yrs ago and was positive for HSV2 and she couldn't remember the HSV1 results and was looking into it. I have had a constant and only mild pain ulcers inside my mouth but i have gotten these before so not sure if this means anything. Also she always got her breakouts high up on her buttocks, can that be HSV1? or could this be a false positive for HSV1and what would cause these results?? Could she have both strands? i plan on seeing a Dr either way but any thoughts on this situation would be grateful. Also my blood was taken on Saturday but not tested until Tuesday. Not sure if this could even have anything to do with it but i wanted to be thorough. Sorry for the length but just really confused at this point. Thanks in advance

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