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Have HSV? PLEASE use caution and do your research if prescibed Prednisone!!

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I just did a search on here for "prednisone" and found a few old posts so I am making this new post to make sure I keep this info fresh and alive for people like me who were not aware of the side effects Prednisone can have on those with HSV. I caught a bad chest cold 2 weeks ago which mostly went away except for lingering cough and shortness of breath. Went to the ER after a really bad night. I was given a breathing treatment and Prednisone (3 day regimen which from what I've now learned is a pretty short RX). I normally go home and research meds online before taking them but was so sick and out of it I didn't this time. Within hours my breathing and coughing was greatly improved and I was thrilled. I just finished my last pill yesterday morning. Woke up this morning with nearly swollen shut eyes, pink lids, completely red eyes, and copious amounts of oozing mucous out of my eyes. After a full day of reading I basically have learned that prednisone is a steroid that is prescribed for things like asthma and bronchitis (and lots of other conditions that involve inflammation) because it lessons the inflammation. It does this by suppressing the immune system. As I have HSV (no obvious symptoms in over 20 years), it has apparently suppressed my immune system and I am most likely experiencing a viral conjunctivitis ( severe form of pink eye) due to having HSV in my system. I also seem to be getting prodromals but am hoping it will not turn into a full on outbreak. If all I get is this severe pink eye (which practically has sealed my eyes shut) and a genital herpes outbreak I will consider myself extremely lucky. There are tons of forums out there with people suffering an array of side effects of prednisone. And the side effects even for someone without HSV are very bad. I had no idea. Anyway, I realize there are many other reasons someone might be prescribed this medication and the pros may out way the cons of needing to take it, but just want those of us in our unique situation to please carefully weigh your options when taking this med. Like I said, I had no idea!

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Thank you. Most feel HSV2 is just nothing, but it is a Big Something when mixed with immunosuppressants. I read this as I have PSC where immunosuppressants are a very high probability in my future. HSV2 is not something to sneeze at for the small few.


"Herpes simplex virus (HSV)

HSV-1 and -2 are members of the Herpesviridae family. Primary infection with HSV in immunocompetent individuals usually causes an asymptomatic or mild self-limited oral–labial (generally HSV-1) or genital (generally HSV-2) infection, followed by HSV persistence (latency) in nerve ganglia.117,118 HSV reactivation in immunocompromised patients can lead to disseminated disease including encephalitis, meningitis, esophagitis, colitis, and hepatitis.119–121 Anti-TNF therapy is associated with increased risk of HSV reactivation and dissemination.122,123 HSV colitis can mimic certain chronic inflammatory conditions such as acute exacerbation of IBD and has been associated with higher risk of colectomy.124 The gold standard method for diagnosing the infection is to detect the virus using PCR from infected tissues or body fluid.125


Acyclovir, valacyclovir, and famciclovir can be used for the treatment of acute or recurrent HSV infection. It is not recommended to use anti-TNF agents during the acute phase of HSV infection due to the increased risk of dissemination. Interruption of immunosuppression is recommended in patients with severe HSV infection.86"

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Sorry I don't know the answer to that. I just had this experience with prednisone this week and this has been my introduction to the world of steroids and HSV. Hopefully someone can answer that...

Oh I did read that in general, oral steroid treatments are particularly hard on the body so maybe there are some differences.

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