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Possible eye herpes self-transmission

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I am new to this forum. First of all, I am sorry for my english...it is my second language. I am sorry if there is any already post on this exactly, I am in so much panic right now that I only think about this. I was in my bed (I have a cold sore right now), I rubbed my mouth on my pillow (like a lot) and maybe a few second later I changed position and I rub my face again but this time right into my eye. I was sleepy so I didnt realise for maybe a few minutes and then I just panic. I went to my bathroom and I rub my eye with some alcohol swabs and then went into the shower and use some Skin Renew Gel-Cleanser in my eye again. Not only do I fear have herpes in my eye from the contact himself, but also that rubbing alcohol swabs and soap may have increase my chance of having herpes in my eye? Cause we know that friction is require ? So I am so anxious right now.....


I am realy afraid of herpes since 1 years ago, my brother (who had cold sore very young) now have eye herpes and we don't realy know how. I read in a few place that if had herpes 1 for a long time you are, not immune, but super resistant to new infection of your own herpes. But in a lot of big website, they say that you can infect youself realy easy if you are not careful... like rubbing your eye.....


I am realy anxious about this situation and I don't know who to believe with this so call immune thing?


Sorry to take of your time and thank you so much!

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Hi mathieu_231

I can't give you any details on stats of spreading your infection to other parts of your body. I'm not as well read on the matter and have had this sooo long that I just don't bother to read too much on the details. With that said, yes its very possible to spread to eyes and other parts and I think very early in my days of having this I did just that (eyes, nose). I don't really know or remember how but it just happens I guess. I more just want to assure to you relax a little about it. Living in fear of yourself is not going to be healthy. The only reason I think I spread it to my eyes is because once I had a small lump, not unlike other lumps in one's eyelid that a person might get due to a clogged tear duct. The Dr. took a quick look and prescribed an ointment and it went away. He never said what it was. Years later I was looking at the ointment and saw that it read "for ocular herpes". On very rare occasions when I'm really stressed my eyelid will itch a little. Also my neck area near my chin and I'll get what looks like mosquito bites popping up for a few minutes. I assume its all related to herpes. I guess I'm just trying to say if you have HSV you have to really learn to relax and not let it be a big deal or it will 1) stress you out and 2) lead to more symptoms.

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