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Month and a half- first outbreak

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I had been diagnosed after having bumps on my vagina for a couple weeks, because I had no clue it would be this. I have been married and in a monogamous relationship with my husband, for about 14 years. I never got oral much until the last few months and that's how I got it on my gentials. I finally went to the doc and right away he said herpes. I was in shock. Needless to say I'm still devastated and it's been about 6 weeks. I keep getting a few bumps that never scab and then as soon as they go away, a few more come. I've taken 500mg of valtrex 2 sometimes 3 times daily. I've take 250 of famicyclovir 2 times or 3 times a day. It only helps with the pain. It all started when I got my iud taken out. Now since I've gotten a couple periods it triggered it, and I'm so worried that this is my new life. Every month I'll have an OB that lasts weeks. How long could this initial OB last? Is the first the worst and then in the future OB meds will work? I'm worried that if I get and when I get more outbreaks the meds won't work again and I'll have more outbreaks that last months when I finally over come this outbreak. I'm so worried. I'm worried my life will never be the same. I'll just be looking at my vagina everyday worrying. Will it ever get better?!?!? I know everyone is different. But I just worry it will never get better. Am I over reacting?

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Hi, sorry you've had a rough time of it.. your response to the situation is very understandable and it is scary and shocking at first and anxiety can run high and a zillion things go through the mind. I think nearly everyone who finds out have a bit of a freak out. I know I did.


I'm over two months into knowing I have hsv2 myself. I had a mild outbreak but still a horrific shock and still painful and awful. I wore a skirt for weeks as clothing too uncomfortable. to wear. I have read a ton and learned a lot so I hope I can help and just offer some support.


Mine was triggered by change in hormones too, peri menopause, and I have an autoimmune disease too that flared up. I'm Also in a monogamous relationship, marriage. It is likely I've had this virus laying dormant for years as it could well be the same case for you.


As far as all the things I've read and the personal experiences I've read of sufferers. It seems that the first outbreak is generally the worse and they can become far less severe with subsequent outbreaks and the amount of outbreaks can decrease as well. So can it get better?, will it get better? Yes I believe it can and does. And life can get back to relatively normal. It's even.possible that you don't get another outbreak or if you do it will be mild.


Stress and worry can make it worse and as difficult it maybe to do under the circumstances try to destress. Breathe, meditate.

Also do what you can to build your immune system up. Vitamin c, b complex, healthy foods, There even suggested diets for herpes, look online.

It is said to avoid high amounts of foods containing arginine, especially Nuts, chocolate. Etc argnine tends to aggravate herpes and can trigger outbreaks. There's info online on it. Increase your lysine, many of us take lysine supplement. (Lysine and L-Lysine is the same thing)

Maybe take some immune building supplements, herbs too.


During the outbreak, Epsom salt baths can be soothing and can dry the sores up better. Some say tea tree oil helps topically on the sores, best to dilute it slightly With olive oil. Or oil of oregano is another one. Lemon balm salve. There are many suggested remedies that you may want to look up and try. Everyone is different so what one thing helps one person may not help.another so you may have to try out some things.

The epsom salt bath seems to be unanimous though.


I hope you will find things easier soon. And it will get easier for you. It will be ok. Is your husband understanding of the situation?







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Thanks so much for your response. It helps a lot. My husband is understanding, but he doesn't really understand. It's not a bad outbreak as far as pain goes, the antivirals help. It's just very annoying and frustrating, as you know. I just figured out this out yesterday, but I believe it's my birth control, because in January I got my IUD taken out, and I started the mini pill. The hormones are different. My period triggered the initial outbreak in February, but I believe this is persisting because of the birth control. So I stopped taking it today. I pray to god this helps. I want my life back. I've tried all of the things you mentioned. Except the diet. I'm not mentally prepared for those types of changes yet.

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I'm glad I could help a little. It might well be the pill, I have read around here that outbreaks can occur around period time because of hormones. So it wouldn't be far fetched to suspect that the pill and hormone changes are due to the persistent herpes you have. I hope that stopping the pill is the solution, hopefully you'll find out soon. And I understand about the dietary changes. We do need to be in the right mindset to make the changes.

I myself am use to Changing my eating habits, diets, with having an autoimmune disease I've done different things to try and keep it under control and reduce pain.


Keep us posted about if you found the solution and stopping the pill helps. Good luck.

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Thanks again for your support. It means a lot. It's been about a week or so since I stopped the birth control. The outbreak is definitely a result of the hormones. I feel like the outbreak I've been having is due to the pill. I keep having the same area affected now. So once the area heals I hope it will be gone once and for all. What a terrible experience. I am not trying to go back on the pill though. My husband doesn't like non-hormonal methods. I refuse to take hormones after this experience. Since I have gotten exposed recently it has not mattered what hormones I take. All of them trigger it. Besides that, I had a ton of weight gain with the iud. The pill is what triggered this outbreak since I took the IUD out. Even with the IUD I was getting "symptoms" without an outbreak. I don't want to ever expirience this again. So I'm considering non-hormonal methods. One is from the UK. I think I want to try Caya. It is a diaghragm. Have you known anyone who tried that? Are you from the UK? With the diaphragm and a "spermicide" I think this should be more than sufficent. I would like another child. We have 2 girls. 13 and 9. I am only 33 and wouldn't mind if we had another baby. Also I don't want to upset him if I did get pregnant though. He is a stay at home dad. I don't think I want him to stay at home longer than he wants to, but he doesn't seem willing to go back to work much either. So another kid wouldn't even be bad since I can afford it. I think he is being selfish. Haha! Anyway. Thanks for letting me vent, and again thanks for your support. It helps. I feel so helpless and hopeless. It's so hard going through this alone for almost 2 months now. Even though my husband has had cold sores on his lips, he doesn't know what it is like to have it for about 2 months on your vagina! Omg.

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