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I told him immediately and he left me.....

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We have been together for almost two years.....friends even longer. I was tested because he was experiencing discomfort in the nether region....No sores...no stinging....just by his description a dull ache and at times a feeling of heat in his penis....He was tested and his test were negative (I don’t think he was tested for herpes since they say it’s not a test that all doctors perform)...They say he had urethritis.....I go and get tested and I am negative for everything except herpes.....I have never had an outbreak and when I mentioned this to the gyn she said that it could have been lying dormant in my body for years....I told the man who I love ..my best friend...my confidant.....my world what was happening with me and possibly him so that he would be informed and go get tested for that specifically....He told me he needed a few days to process the information which I understood and expected but he came back yesterday and told me that he could not do this.....he has decided that it is best that we never speak again...he says that he can’t be even friends with me.....I have to say....I am hurt....devastated . I never expected him to leave me......I just feel so empty

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People are so extreme about something that can be so minor, as my gyno said its more of a nuisance than anything. It can be so hard to find someone that loves you and is there for you and I just feel like herpes is so blown out of proportion. I’m so sorry that happened to you especially when first finding out. It’s just amazing how some people react to it.

I was rekindling a relationship when I found out and then had to tell that guy about my test results and then he went and got checked out. While he was waiting for his results he said well if I have it then I guess that seals the deal on us and we should be together. He didn’t have it and chose to date his coworker instead. Just made me feel dirty basically.

So sorry that happened to you. He may realize he is being an idiot and come back to you. He should get tested if they didn’t test him before for sure, he may have given it to you. Ugh!


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You know.....I felt so dirty when I found out......When he broke up with me yesterday I was just so remarkably hurt......today I feel a little better and I am gonna keep my head up and deal with this....I appreciate your comment because it made me feel better to see some encouraging words....We have this virus it is not who we are...thanks again

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Sending Hugs... I have a disclosure coming up in a very similar situation.

Here for you and glad today is better! It can only get better now. He made a decision and in some ways a blessing so you know exactly what you need to do. Take care of and love You. You got this!

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Wow, so sorry, he is a bit foolish for doing that, it's not like you knew. The virus can lay dormant for years and years and not ever show symptoms. Like you may never have a break out.

And he could get into a relationship With someone else and that person has it.


As hard as it maybe to hear it seems that he quickly bailed out after being with you for two years. And knowing you for longer. Like he's Not much of a friend if he's not even going to speak to you.

Maybe he wasn't invested in the relationship as much as you thought.

Did you have any other relationship difficulties so that the herpes thing was just his excuse to get out? Obviously he's not the right person for you


I'm so sorry you got left like that by him but maybe it is better that it happened now rather even further down the line.


Be strong, be confident. Youre going to be ok.








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