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I have had herpes nearly a year, I'm 38. I got it from my girlfriend of 3 years. She has no symptoms, lucky her. I didn't blame her, l see her as a victim too and she felt so guilty. My first outbreak was really bad, painful to walk. All outbreaks since have been much milder. Had about 6 or 7. One of my lymph nodes round my groin swelled up and l went to my doctors. The doctor was terrible and knew nothing. I told him l had read it was probably due to my herpes but he put me on antibiotics which l reacted to with a chest rash! I was then referred for an ultrasound where they did my stomach and the nurse said "testicles next". I said pardon, this is the wrong area and they agreed and sent me home. Referred again had it in the right place this time anyway came back fine and another doctor agreed it was the herpes. Meanwhile lm stressed for weeks with all the messing about. I have been on l-lysine and trying to modify my diet. I'm a vegetarian too. I'm having an outbreak now as l was trying to not be on tables all the time. It has helped and speeded up recovery. I also take salt baths. I didn't really bother with and antiviral l didn't find it that effective and would rather find other solutions. Well that's enough for now. I feel for you all out there. Take care of yourselves.

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I'm also trying to figure out what works for my body. I thought antiviral wasn't too effective either but I'm going to pick it up, along with Lysine, Vitamin C (it gives the lysine a kick), occasionally I take olive leaf extract (it's an incredible immune boost but tastes awful), sometimes garlic extract, etc. I'm going to get probiotics too (obviously not antiviral but about promoting immune health overall - I find when I'm sick for any other reason I may get an ob on top of it).


I want to learn more about diet tips - I've cut down on sugar and I find big benders bring obs on. That's the next step for me!

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