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Constant Outbreaks for 3 years into having HSV2.. will it ever stop?!!

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I'll keep this as short as possible. I have been HSV2 positive for 3 years now and in those 3 years have probably only been outbreak free for a total of 4 weeks... in 3 years!!!! I have tried alot of different things. Really looking for anyone that can relate to my situation and has found relief. I know most people don't have symptoms so if you have constant and found relief please message me.

I've tried Llysine, acyclovir, valcyclovir, and another antiviral that I can't remember the name of. Less exercise, more exercise, more sleep, no nuts, caffeine, alcohol, yoga, no wet swimsuits, no hottubs, no pools, no ocean!! (I live in Hawaii) the list goes on. I've been tested for everyhting under the sun multiple times and all come back negative.

I was diagnosed with HSV1 (cold sores on my lips) 8 years ago and only had 4 outbreaks and then the virus went completely dormant.

Doctors have no clue about the virus and have stated multiple times they usually just give an antiviral and it takes care of the outbreaks. I spoke to a Viral specialist and after HIV being negative they're only idea was to test my IGg levels for HSV1 and HSV2... which duh I already have both so why are we testing for those levels now. Anyhow, they have no idea what to do or say so Im just feeling like there are no options other then to suffer for the rest of my life.

Any input would be helpful.


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I had it going on for 4 months - I'm so sorry!!! It took me being on valtrex, 3,000 mg a day for almost 14 days. Then for 5 days I went to 2,000 mg/day, then 5 days at 1500mg per day and now at suppressive at 1000 mg / day. Pills are 500mg. I also take 1,000 mg lysine a day even though it's not known to matter much with HSV2.


I tried the others and to no avail. I also found the more I left it alone, the better. I tried other natural therapies and they seemed to make things worse for me.


I'd say you've got some immune issues. I have a rare autoimmune disease I found out about in Jan 2018 so I think this fully explains my bodies inability to fight the HSV2 virus on it's own and why I needed such high doses to back it down.

Research how to test and build up your immune system and also research working on your Gut Health better. I take Stamets7, Livrotrit, Tumeric, Omegas, B and C in foods to support my immune system.


I just started having sex again - once with another and once by myself... lol... and so far, no irritation. You need to get ahead of it buy knocking it on it's Ass. That's what worked for me. Valtrex at that those made me all head fog and fuzzy and feel weird (posted on it), but damn, it finally worked.


Take care... and send lotsa love to your body. It needs you more than ever to take good care of it!

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I have been eating a lot of garlic cloves. At lease 3 a day. Ive slacked in my meds but its been ok for the most part.. for a little test. No im not having sex so i thought it would be funny to learn more of my h. Also, i use tea tree on any new spots they go away in a day or so.. the sooner i do it the sooner it goes away.

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@Sunset - Thank you for the info and positive words! I'm jelly you even have someone to have sex with.. I've been sexin' myself for a while now lol. I have always had a lot of gut issues so that could be one of the contributors.. also have fungal issues due to living in a hot, muggy climate so maybe I need to look at these issues too. Valtrex makes me feel super weird and it makes my condition worse... even makes my lymph nodes swell up which is very counterproductive. Ill look into testing my immune system. Thank you again.. this is one bumpy road! :/ (pun intended)

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Fungal, Candida, Immune, Gut - all go hand in had. For fungal I'd get it checked and get on some drugs. My sister got something and she is on fluconozale for 45 days to kill it. It has now killed the tonail fungus she has has for decades in one toe. Arm issue is slowly responding but it's more settled in so to speak.


Valtrex made me feel very weird too in high doses, but it did work. There are 3 options out there. One other that starts with an F you might check out.


Research Research Research!

Hang in there!

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For fungal and gut issues you have to knock sugar on the head. And yeast too. Breads and pizza, stuff with yeast and sugar in. All that just feeds the Candida or fungus.

I'd go on a super clean diet. No processed foods. No sugar, no fake sugar. Go back to very, very basic foods. It will mean creating meals from scratch but it's the way to go.

Maybe an anti Candida diet for a few months wouldn't hurt. That can be strict to do but might put a dent in the fungal issue.


Look into Goldenseal, it's a very potent anti fungal, good to combat Candida.

I think addressing the fungal issue will build your immune system up and it may help in reducing the herpes outbreaks.


Good luck and wishing you the best.


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Candida Diet - it's not easy but not only will you feel great, in time... give it 3 months and moan and groan the first 6 weeks all you wish!

You will always lose excess weight and balance out in so many areas.

BirdsandButterflies has good suggestions too.


It's Work however.... always a catch - but worth a try. What's 3 months?

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I'm going through the exact same thing! I have been having outbreaks practically constantly for a year now, only having about 2 weeks of no pain. Nothing is working and it seems the doctors have no other options. I've been on supression for 3/4 months now and I'm still getting flare ups. I do think I also have an immune problem and I have had various problems with my digestive system in the past. :( I feel your pain

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