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New diagnosis- is my infection recent?

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I broke up from a long-term partner about 7 months ago after 4 years together and I began dating a few months back. I started meeting up with people and decided that I wanted something casual - I got along with one guy particularly well and after several dates, we ended up sleeping together and this was the first time I'd slept with someone or had sexual contact since my last boyfriend.


However I began experiencing pain about 2 days later, which became so intense that I struggled to walk/urinate, I also felt shattered and had a fever. I thought it was maybe an infection so took fluconazole, which made no difference. I finally saw one tiny sore after looking very closely and freaked out (this was 3-4 days post sex). The walk-in clinic was closed so I decided that I'd go first thing in the morning. However by the morning I was absolutely covered in blisters/sores (too many to count) :( They were fluid-filled and the doctor took one look and immediately diagnosed it as herpes and likely type-2 due to the severity of symptoms. The doctor said that there were a lot of sores internally, on my cervix and that my cervix was bleeding heavily due to the infection. The results ended up coming back as type 2 yesterday. As this guy was the first person I'd slept with in 6 months and I hadn't had any symptoms over the 3 years with my ex, the doctor said that he was pretty certain that I'd been infected by this guy, that he may not know that he's a carrier, and that it's advisable to let the guy know that he is likely a carrier. I contacted the guy and he was devastated/ promised that he had no awareness (he'd not slept with that many people either). He got a test done at the clinic this week and it came back negative, but he'd slept with someone else 2 weeks prior to me unprotected and another person prior to that - but I'm now freaking out that I have possibly given him herpes. I know that it's impossible to tell whether an infection is old or new, but really I'm wanting to know because I didn't end my long-term relationship on good terms and If I have got it from my last partner, I feel like I need to let him know.


I'm very new to this and just wondering whether anyone can tell me any signs of whether my infection is old or new, or whether my infection sounds recent? I also should point-out that I've used steroids that suppress my immune system long-term over the past few years for a chronic condition when with my ex and currently, so my immune system is pretty rubbish - I'm always getting ill. Any advice to make me feel better would really be appreciated! I can't believe that I took dating for granted before - I feel pretty alone with this whole thing. I'm also on holiday at the moment and just want the symptoms to go!

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Sorry you are going through all this. I think it most likely sounds like it’s from a recent exposure because of the severity of symptoms. However, blood tests will help clear up the timeline! If you got a positive diagnosis from a swab test, go and get a blood test done. Blood tests will not come out positive until 3 months after being exposed and contracting hsv, so if you get a blood test now and is negative, then you know it’s recent. Same goes for the guy you stated seeing- if he got a blood test and is registering as negative now, he needs to get tested again in 3 months, after he’s had time to build up antibodies. And not to worry, you will be able to date again, I promise you!

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No we didn't use a condom - which I very much regret now. I think that getting another blood test in 3 months is a good idea then. If it lies dormant, do most people have a major outbreak or show mild symptoms at a later point? I feel a bit clueless about this whole thing!

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Everyone is different, although I think most people have fewer and less severe ob’s after having it for a while. And for most, the first ob is the worst. I have hsv1 and I’m currently going through a really bad and never ending outbreak. It’s only my second ob, though, my first was 4 years ago and I had zero symptoms between then and the onset of my current ob. I think it also depends on if you decide to take daily antivirals, from what I understand they should reduce the frequency and severity of future outbreaks.

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@scared1011 I’m in a similar situation. Positive swab for H2 but mine was small and in one spot. Negative blood from my annual two weeks prior. Been with my partner 7 months now, was negative right before I met him and that was 3.5 months after my last partner. I have always tested negative for H2. I’m seeing my own Dr today to discuss this and when to retest. I read some older articles last night about people who just test negative over and over. Not sure if that’s just older test, but now I’m like OMG what if IM just a carrier?! BF needs to get his blood work for H, his last work up didn’t include it (go figure)...

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@trying2accept my blood was negative 12 days before my OB then dr retested this week (3 weeks later) and it came up very positive. She said some ppl will get their antibodies really quickly because of my immune response and other could take up to the 3-4 mnts mark. I asked her if i could have been carrying and just tested negative twice between the 7 months and she said no way. This is new.

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