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I'm positive, he's not questions

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I was diagnosed with my first OB 2 years into a monogomous 2-year relationship. This was shocking and extremely depressing as I was married for 20 years monogamously and then with this current partner for 2 years at diagnosis. NEVER had an OB before in my life and neither did late husband. Well, I guess it will never be explained to my satisfaction...


Fast forward 2 years now after diagnosis and we've been together 4 years. Thankfully, my partner did not leave and has been very supportive, although did request that I take suppressive Valtrex and that we use condoms. I've been on valtrex 500 once a day suppressive for almost 2 years and to my knowledge have not had any lesions but sometimes get itchy or tingly for a day or two. Not sure if this is anything or not as I've only that the 1 OB and I also shave the area. With my 1 and only OB i didn't know what that was until tested 3 weeks in so don't know what the prodrome symptoms are? How will I know if I'm going to have an OB when on suppressive therapy?


Also, because I really haven't had any OBs to my knowledge since the one 2 years ago, we have talked about sometimes maybe having sex without using a condom, but our concern is that because he is uncircumcised that he is at higher risk of getting it from me because of that as opposed to a circumcised guy. Is this true? I really don't want him to get this but cannot imagine going the rest of my life having to use condoms every single time with the same person. ANother thing we were wondering is if we dont use a condom sometimes can I infect my own mouth by having oral sex with him? not sure If i'm explaining that right. Thanks for any advice guys

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Has your partner been tested? If bit he should be tetsed. He might already have HSV. If it's the same type as yours there will be no reason to avoid transmission.


If he has been tested and he is negative then of course there is always the risk that he could acquire it from you. Even with a condom. If he's willing to take the risk of not using a condom I don't believe being intact.increases the risk of HSV transmission.

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