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Could my results be WRONG

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Wrong, not in that I have Herpes...Yes I have HSV 2 which I had for 30 years, but I haven’t had any problems for more than 20.


I’ve posted previously about my sadness, and overall I’m fine, but I am still having an outbreak...it has been a continuous OB for 2 months now..I felt strongly that what is going on my be HSV 1, only because it seemed so much like my original OB 30 years ago...acting as if I’ve never had it before, that it must be a new strain.....and I can’t get over it, I truly felt about 4 weeks ago I was all good, vigina all good, then when showering I felt something on my ass. I never had it on my buttocks and it keeps coming back....I think, Oh it’s almost over, and bam more.


Is it possible the clinic got wrong results .... could I now have HSV 1 and 2...if you saw my original post I did not mention of second man. But I finally spoke to him, over 4 weeks ago and found out that he has 1 ...we had been together for awhile too “casually”, And our last time was 10 days before I realized what was up, and 10 days before I was with my other friend, who BTW is still not speaking to me, but that’s another whole issue.


I haven’t been with him( hsv1) since Jan 26 and the other man since February 7th...why is it on my butt area?..why won’t it end if it’s just and outbreak from 2 that I’ve had for 30 years?...could I have gotten HSV 1 from my one friend and the clinic just said 2 because of area it is in.


And the guy with 1 went to New Zealand to surf and visit family just after I told him...he was wonderful about it because he has it...and that explained all whole bunch of things between us...but I was sure by the time he got back ..any day now..I would be better and we can be intimate again. But no not with what is still on my ass...FYI my original area was my vigina (which has been fine for more than a month)and I always read that it mostly only goes back to the original infected spot...


Could I have spread it. AhAhhhhh I am seriously starting to lose it...HELP



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Sorry to read that you are having such persistent symptoms!

Do you take a suppression medicine like valacyclovir?

I know it comes with a potential laundry list of side-effects, but sometimes it's a balancing act of deciding which option provides a better quality of life.

Also, since you have already disclosed, it would be reasonable to ask to abstain for a while longer while you heal. I realize that you are probably not thrilled about abstaining either, but it should be something you discuss if the outbreak is a thing to either of you.


I hope you get some relief!

I have read some other people's comments about suppliments that seem to help keep the virus in check. L-lysine if I'm not mistaken. It might be worth combining a few different methods of treatment.

I personally don't recommend touching the sores directly for personal belief that there is no need to risk spreading, but there are some posts about oils and stuff too.

I tend to perfer to think that diet, medicine and trying to reduce stress is what helps most.


That said, I'm not a doctor and have near zero medical knowledge.

Ask your doctor / pharmacist and follow their recommendations.

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