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Infected area vs. thick skin + frequency of acyclovir ?

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Hi friends,


I caught herpes in that part of the penis that the condom won't cover: the base. Bad news.


However I'm positive, and I am sure I will manage it just fine. I had several questions though:


1) to get the most out of acyclovir's preventive power, we have to take 400mg morning and night "for live", every day. Could I reduce this to only the days I'm going to have sex? Or a day before + the same day? Is this risky?


2) If I am shedding asymptomatically, and the infected area touches / rubs / pounds a girl's THIGH slightly (thick skin), can I pass the virus?


3) If I am shedding asymptomatically, and my PUBIS touches a girl's PUBIS slighlty, can I pass the virus? (Pubis = abdominal area below the belly button)


4) If my outbreak area is in the base of the penis, are other areas below the waistline equally dangerous (ie. can they pass the virus / do they shed)?


Many thanks for your help,

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My doctor said the area where u the virus enters is where it shows up at and, not not your whole penis will be contagious as the area where u caught it at because the virus will rather travel through the same nerve it entered at it won’t just dramatically go through another nerve even though possible it won’t I only know because I been getting cold sores for years and it always ALWAYS ALWAYS show at the same spot and I only had one ob of hsv 2 I understand why it showed above to the side of my clit cus I got it w a condom your fine don’t be too worried

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Many thanks @Lifegoeson this is comforting to hear. I will take all the preventive measures (acyclovir, garlic, l-lysine, stress-free, condoms, gentler sex lol), but it looks like if it is "confined" to an area, you have a bit more of freedom of movement (good news). I have more questions that I will post on the forum. Best regards,

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Thick skin such as thighs, abdominal area buttocks are too thick for the virus to pass through. This is What Terri Warren says in her book and on her forum. I think it's very accurate. Your immediate pubic area can shed at any time. Always wear condoms (unless you are in a relationship where the partner is ok without), take anti viral daily, use lube to prevent friction and avoid grinding. You will be fine!!!

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I think generally speaking, people with ghv1 typically have their outbreaks in the same place every time and very infrequently. In my case I have herpes virus 2 and (prior to going on anti viral) I had outbreaks on my Abdomen and buttocks as well as genitals however, I have never shed this virus to anyone and I've had this for 35 years plus. I've had lots and lots and lots of sex in those years and been married over 21 of those years and have never passed this on to anyone. I do no grinding in the genital area, but abs buttocks obviously contacting my partner


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