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What’s the latest research for a cure?

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I’ve read that there are several trials underway. Some to prevent infection and others to just mange it bettter. Does anyone know anything more about what they are working on? I mean, they have come up with ones for C.pox, shingles and even Hep C... I know a lady who paid out of pocket a lot of money and now tests negative. Sometimes i feel like they have the cures for all these things. :(

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There is at least one drug that showed it would kill a human by destroying their liver before they'd successfully cure Herpes, so be skeptical of any claims of new medicine on the horizon.

It would be nice to be cured, but the reality of hold all of your hope for the future based on a cure is that you put off a lot of really good things you could be doing now.

In order to try to live each day to the fullest (that's a goal, not an actual thing I do, haha!) I let the concern about a cure disappear. Instead, I focus on what I can personally do to make my life worth living. My honest belief is that there is a lot, more than I thought, and more that I haven't even seen yet.

There are so many good things to enjoy, and so many good things I can do, none of which are effected by my diagnosis one bit. The little that is effected by herpes is only slightly so.

I'd personally rather read about cures for cancer, new treatment for brain disprders and personality disorders, and new ways to get injured people back on their feet and doing things I take for granted.


Bottom line:

I wouldn't waste my time researching cures for herpes. Drug trials fail all the time. Things that look promising migjt get hopea up for a while, but often let us down in the end.

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@Regularguy thank you. I know I have so much more living to do, but right now it feels like the end. I kinda feel like I’m in morning. I’m just scared of when it returns. I mean the first was small and was already healing by the third day (doctor visit), wasn’t painful..... but what if the next is? What if it happens over and over again? I can’t do daily suppressant; they can make your hair thin. I am gonna see a naturopath doctor about antiviral herbs and I will try to make peace and not wait for this cure...

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I know what you mean about feeling a sense of mouring a loss. I felt that.

I felt like the old me was dead and the new me was worth far less.

I decided I would give myself a chance to prove my worth to myself.

I already had big goals that were coming together at the time, so I used them to test myself, expecting failure.

In work, college and my writing I saw myself pull through and achive exactly what I had been trying for. I didn't just complete tasks, I did things just as well as I always had done. It proved to me that I had not lost anything, and that my sense of loss was misplaced.


Maybe you need something like that, or maybe you need something different. But that's what pulled me through, knowing that I was capable, powerful, and strong like I always had been.

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@regularguy. You my friend are great with expressing yourself. Thank you for the words of encouragment. I know In my heart i am still the same. I can still get married and have a child (time is running out there cuz of my age), but my Bf (who still needs to confirm in his blood work) still wants those things with me. I can still have the house and the dog and the successful career. How long did it take for you to feel “normal” again?


It’s kinda hard typing on here from my phone. Sorry for any typos and spelling mistakes. Haha..

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@mytanya. Saw my GYN today and she mentioned Lysine (which I do use already for cold sores) and I mentioned reading about Manuka Honey And she raved about all the benefits . It’s not cheap though and has to have a 10+ rating. It can be used in your food/tea and can be used topically for OBs because of it’s antiviral/ antibacterial properties. Not a cure, but I like natural remedies.

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@mstanya1234 no, I won’t do daily suppressants.... unless it got really bad. I just had one OB and it was very mild for a primary2, SO I’m hopeful that it remains that way. My DR told me it is so important for me to keep my immune system up. So VIT C, lysine helps too because too much arginine can be a trigger. I also take folic acid. She gave the ok to get a wax too and said that really should not be a trigger.


She just called with yesterday’s blood IGG and now it’s positive (it was negative three weeks ago).... no more hoping the swab was wrong. #deepbreath ....wow.

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@leo I was negative three weeks ago at my annual exam as I have been the last several years since I started asking for that add on. 11 days later I got symptoms, but I’m wondering if those “ingrown hair things” a cpl of weeks earlier were part of the OB cuz it was the same spot. A week later I had a positive culture for H2. 4 days later (yesterday) I tested blood IGG and today it came back positive in the 6.?? Range. So my gyno said this is a primary infection and my immune system reacted quickly giving me the positive reading. Some ppl will come up positive in the 3-4 weeks others take 3-4 months.

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@mstanya1234 Anything under 0.9 is negative. Anything above is “considered positive, although if you’re in the lower range around a 3.0 (I think, I don’t know the exact numbers off hand) it could be a false positive. With mine being in the 6. Range that’s a clear positive diagnosis.. I was hoping my culture was mistyped, but alas.... no. I did some retail therapy today to “cheer” myself up...

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@mstanya1234 oh ok... so positive on both seems like it’s accurate then. If you’re really curious you could get the western blot. I think you have to hunt down a facility that can do it for you once you order it. I’ve read it’s like 200 bucks. But that’s the gold standard I think it’s 98-100% in accuracy. And you’re right- WE ARE STILL ALIVE. I asked my BF how he’s so calm about this and isn’t in panic mode and he just said because THIS isn’t gonna be the hardest thing we face in life. Another friend said to me he once had a dr tell him if you make it out of this life with just H then you had a good life. All easier said than done, right? We gotta believe this. With each person I walk past who is clearly sick or disabled I just think.. at least it’s not that. I bet they would trade with me in a heart beat.

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I bounced back and forth on feeling normal for a while. Maybe two months or less. It's hard to pinpoint because I just kept working at doing regularGuy things so that I could feel like a regular guy until one day I noticed that I had felt good about myself for a while.

Occasionally, I see someone I'm attracted to and I think about herpes, and that can be tough. But it doesn't get me down for more than a moment.

To be honest, I'm back to neing more concerned with being able to run, climb, and lift weights when I'm 60 than what I'm going to say to myself about herpes while I'm 30.

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