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My ex got really nasty... vent as I'm so hurt.

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I found out I had H2 6 months ago but had my outbreaks misdiagnosed for a year before that due to negative swabs and blood results.. I suspected it was my now ex Fiancé. I'd had every Sti test going when I left my long term partner before him after he cheated.. and believe me I'd never had those symptoms. We were planning our wedding so I didn't loose it and because I didn't have hard facts I wasn't even sure it was him.. I presumed it could of been me. Some people have no symptoms right.. I now know id of had antibodies if I'd been effected before my ex fiancé so chances are it was him.. we're no longer together but still speak/txt from time to time. So I thought it was important to explain the science facts of herpes to him and the effect it's had on my life.. I recently met a guy I liked.. he liked me too but when he tried to instigate intimacy I couldn't. I really was attracted to this man but the only thought going through my mind was "uh I'm herpes diseased and dirty" so when he kissed me I froze and felt nothing. I asked my ex fiancé to bear this in mind for any future partner because although not life threatening it is life changing. I've broken my back helping and supporting my ex fiancé financially and emotionally. I was really good to him... so after this message he got really nasty criticising everything about me my personality.. belittling the support I gave him and making out I'm the dirty person. I didn't want to blame or hurt him... he's promiscuous I was trying to save another woman from feeling like I do...

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You seem to be a very loving, forgiving, all around kind-hearted person. Toxic people are attracted to you because you're understanding and kind, and they love they can get what they want from you when they want it, and treat you like shit bc you'll probably just forgive them. CUT HIM OFF. Boy Byeee. He's not used to you speaking out against him so his reaction is to attack your emotional and mental health. Do yourself a favor and love yourself enough to say goodbye.

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