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Freaking out!! Need some answers & advice please

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Looking for any advice I can get im afraid that i have got herpes i have been having symptoms of herpes for the past few days it started with my testicles I woke up & they felt like they were on fire then the day after that the shaft of my penis begin to itch and burn there isn't any bumps as of yet day 4 but the skin on the shaft of my penis is definitely irritated it woke me up from a,dead sleep night before last & it was like my penis was actually in fire now it's not as bad but definitely still something wrong if I touch it it itches like crazy my testicles aren't bothering me anymore tho but I also have a eye that is red & kinda swelled up I'm afraid it's in my eye too in all my life I've never been so scared not sure if this has anything to do with this whole mess but a few months back I noticed near the head of my penis my skin started losing pigment no pain involved just thought it was odd I'm 36 never had any issues this scares me to death literally I feel like I could walk off a cliff if anyone can give me any feedback I would be beyond grateful!!!

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Ugh, sorry to hear about all this, but @RegularGuy is right, you really should get everything checked out, especially your eye! It could be a variety of things, but yes, it also could be herpes. My first outbreak had no blisters- some parts of me itched, and others burned. My second outbreak began with a patch that looked like it had been bleached on my labia. It itched but never blistered, just looked white for a while- and I have seen a handful of other posts discussing similar white patches from h. It could also be other things, so please go get yourself checked! Remember that if there are no sores to swab, a blood test may come up negative if u got h recently, and you may have to re-test in 3 months. Either way, you will be ok! Hopefully it is something else, but if not, you will be ok once the initial shock wears off!

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