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Coconut oil as a defensive layer

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Hi friends,


I was wondering lately about coconut oil, which has so many powerful properties, one of them being an effective anti-viral.


As many kind people here in the forum has posted before, coconut oil helps in the healing process when an OB occurs.


But what about its preventive powers?


Let's say I have herpes on the base of my penis, and I have no visible outbreak (but I may be shedding anyways microscopically). If I put a layer of coconut oil - like if it was lub - in the base of the penis, would this increase the protection for my herpres-free girlfriend? Would it kill some virus / dumb them / be a physical oily barrier?


And then the other way around: let's say my female partner has it, and I don't. Would a layer of coconut oil in my penis increase my defenses against the virus that she carries?


My idea was doing some coconut oil in the base of the penis and around, *in addition* to a condom (as condoms do not cover 100% that part, which is where my infection is), but the question is interesting as well when no condom is used.


What do you think my beautiful people?



Happy A.

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Hey,@happyman_adventurous! I’m having one of those sleepless nights and I saw your question and I feel compelled to respond! Yes, coconut oil, smells great, anti-viral properties, possible preventive layer- all sound good! Just as long as you’re not using a condom. If it gets on the condom, that’s a problem. Any type of oil as well as oil based lube will break down the latex in a condom, causing it to break. Don’t take my word for it! Try googling oil and condoms. But if you guys are cool with not using condoms, it can’t hurt, might be worth a try

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I wouldn't be so quick to trust coconut oil, or any other oil to block viral shedding.

There is no medical or scientific research to suggest that it might be effective, and the fact that a substance might act as an antimicrobial does not mean it kills the virus instantly, or even at all. Many might only interrupt the microbes' reproductive process.

Remembering my doctor's advice, suppression medicine and condoms are the only medically proven method tonreduce risk of transmission, and there is still risk.

Personally, I'm certain that coconut oil or any other plant product would not be an effective barrier. Otherwise, ancient greeks would have cured herpes thousands of years ago.


That said,

I am not a doctor and have near zero medical knowledge.

always ask your doctor / pharmacist and follow their advice.

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Thanks guys for the answers.


@Trying2Accept it's true, it's a bit risky to use oils and condoms together, because the oil can break down the condom's latex... Also I guess the general slippery (if enough oil is used) can make the condom to slide off and get you in trouble, which isn't suitable either, so I guess that using the oil topically in the skin "would" be a strategy to follow (only maybe) for the non-condom occasions where the couple is ok with not using it...


@RegularGuy many thanks for those points, I needed to read something skeptical about it to keep realistic in my expectations. It would be amazing if some study about coconut oil was made against HSV2 open sores for example, just to keep track of the effects of the oil on the virus... Topically, or even orally. I'm sure there has to be someone who thought about it before, so I'm going to investigate.


@Iwillbeok I have read so many cool things about coconut oil that I'm sure it helps (maybe its effects are not inmediate, but it's still an ally). For example, it helps recovering much faster from the common flu, and it diminishes greatly the symptoms... and it keeps a strong inmune system if taken regularly, so it definitively has to help. I take two tablespoons everyday.


Thanks for your insight guys hugely appreciate it!

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