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Cancer Remission?

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New hear and thankful for the group. The guidance here really helped me understand and feel at ease around getting hsv2.


I am honestly not sure how I got it. At first I was certain it was someone but who really knows.


At first I wasn't comfortable disclosing it to people. I felt shame, embarrassment and was not even looking for anything serious.


I took some time off from dating to heal and do some internal reflection. I am at the point where I am not rushing to have sex and prefer to really get to know someone and will only disclose to those I think might have some potential or refrain from sex. I know I am awesome and have a ton to offer and though it is still scary and not ideal I want to start any potential relationship with 100% honesty. Not disclosing just made me feel really shitty.


I met someone that I started seeing. We went on a number of dates and I saw potential so I wanted to disclose to them that I had hsv2. They handled it well and wanted to take some time to process it all. They were aware of hsv2 but wanted to take time to do more research. They also disclosed to me that they were a cancer survivor of hodgkin's lymphoma.


The following day I sent more info that I thought was helpful to them. They called me thanking me for sharing and sending the info. They disclosed they scheduled a doctor appointment to discuss the medical impact with their medical history and to learn more in general vs all the info online.


Any medical professionals here know if there is any correlation or impact of hsv2 in someone now cancer free of hodgkin's lymphoma? Perhaps this is really a case by case thing but from what I have thus far googled I don't see anything.


One thing I have learned is the fear around sharing is certainly there but it is really not that hard and big of a deal. If you don't share and are a thoughtful person you will feel more shame and regret. You also risk ruining something by not being 100% transparent. There is really nothing wrong with you at all. There are way worse things in life and because of unknown misconceptions it makes sharing this a false fear (at least in my opinion). If someone chooses not to be with you that is their choice. It really has nothing to do with you at all. What is the worst scenario? They are mean or cruel? If they act cruel then you know for sure their not the type of person for you.


Thanks for reading my share.


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Thanks for sharing!

I think you are 100% right about disclosure. One exception: I think that even the most pathological of people feel the backlash of failing to disclose. It shuts down any chance of building a good relationship, something we all need whether we admit it or not.


As far as herpes effect on cancer survivors, that's a complicated question. Good that your interest is talking to a doctor about it. It migjt be helpful for you to seek the same advice from your own doctor.

I think it is awesome that you are each trying to go about things with the knowledge and due consideration for health that you are!

Keep doing that no matter what.


I would think that if there is no lasting immune issues for the other person, it probably won't effect the chances of transmission. But the chances will never be zero. At best, close to zero.


That said, I have near zero medical knowledge. Always ask your doctor / pharmacist and follow their recommendations.

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