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HSV2 for 15 years and now herpes from hell?

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I had hsv2 for probably 15 years. I did get a few small outbreaks over the years. Like 1 bump either on my outer labia or between my butt cheekies. I was never on any meds for it or anything. (hubby has it too so no big deal)


I am gonna try to make a long story short. Back in November I had severe stress and my vag started burning. Can't really remember if I had a bump with it or not at that time. But I never had vag burn with a bump in the past, so I would not have put those two symptoms together and would not have paid much attention to the well known bump.

Then in Dec I got nerve pain and sometimes tingling sensation on my thighs, chest, arms, face and upper back. It was all really weird and neither me or my Dr could figure it out.


There have been many doctor visits and tests for all kinds of STD, STI and even for autoimmune diseases. But nothing came out of it EXCEPT my HSV 2 IgG Type Specific test came back as 20.91. ---- Does anyone know if that is a high positive? I can't find anything online except that it is positive if it is >0.91 or something like that.


After the test my Dr put me on Valtrex 1g twice a day for 10 days. It had gotten a little better and the burn on face, back, legs, arms and chest actually went away completely after that. The vag burn improved a bit, but was still there.


2.5 weeks ago it all came together when my 14 year old dog got sick and we put him down and I was super sad and stressed again and I got several bumps and at the same time the face, leg, back, chest and arm burn returned. That's when I knew for sure that the bumps and burn were related and it must be from the herpes. The vag burn also intensified for about a week.


I told my OBGYN about it and now I am on Valtrex 1g a day for 1 year. I started about 10 days ago or so, and it has improved a little, but the burning sensation has not gone away yet. Can it take a while for the nerves to recover since I had the symptoms for over 5 month?


Could it be that herpes symptoms can be so severe after 15 years all of a sudden due to extreme stress? I always read that the first OB is the worst. But definitely not in my case. :-(


Would really be great if someone had a similar experience with herpes. Sometimes I still think there is something else going on, but all tests say I am fine. I think I worry so much about having some undiscovered disease, which only adds to the stress and then it will never get better.



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Hi there!


I have HSV1 genitally and this has been my EXACT experience as well. First initial outbreak and a few small issues over the years but then starting in November of last year when I was under intense career stress - things went completely haywire!! I followed the same protocol as you and now am taking 1G valtrex daily at night before bed.


I had symptoms for about 3 months which included a burning vagina and a raw spot near my clitoris that would appear and be sensitive and then heal within 2 days, but then I also had weird nerve sensations/burning near my clitoris as well. All of the symptoms pretty much cleared up after about 3 weeks of taking the daily valtrex. I didn't want to be taking meds every day so once things improved I stopped taking it and noticed some of the irritation came back :( so now I'm just going to plan on staying on it for at least 3 months.


I really was convinced I contracted HSV2 over the holidays when all of this started happening, but I've done 2 IGG tests and both came back only HSV1, so I can only assumed it's the HSV 1 I have also had for 15 years.


So annoying and weird and frustrating!!

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OMG FunnyGirl!!! THANK you so much for your response! Maybe it's our 15 year herpes anniversary gift! :-D


It's so crazy!!! I know that stress can lower the immune system and I guess that's when herpes thinks it's a great time to mess with the body.


I don't mind taking the meds, thank god they don't give me any side effects. I am so happy to hear that you found some relief after a few weeks. So I will give it some time. It's been going on for so long, I guess it will take a bit to get back to normal.


You definitely gave me hope! After 5 month and treating for all kinds of stuff it could be, with no improvement, there has not been much hope left. I just put the creams and potions on and swallowed the pills they gave me each time something else didn't work. And I felt like maybe its all just in my head and the Dr must be thinking I am crazy!


Fingers crossed the Valtrex will kick in full force soon and I can get back to my normal life without having to constantly think about why I am having an angry vagina. ;-)


Thank you so much! <3



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Wow I guess This is the post I’ve been searching for! My vagina has been burning for weeks now so I guess this is a outbreak! I’m going to get on some medicine because I’ve never taken any before! My back and arm was burning as well but the dr said it’s not Herpes related but I think It is as well. It’s just hard to deal with

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Wow I guess This is the post I’ve been searching for! My vagina has been burning for weeks now so I guess this is a outbreak! I’m going to get on some medicine because I’ve never taken any before! My back and arm was burning as well but the dr said it’s not Herpes related but I think It is as well. It’s just hard to deal with


OMG yes --- you sound like me!!! Did your Dr say anything what the burning skin on arms/back could be from? My Doctors are not very open with information. Only my first Doctor said that the burning sensation on the skin is usually nerve pain.


For now they are trying to blame it on the herpes. I am still on the meds, but not really any improvement yet. The first time I was on the meds it helped with the overall body burn, but this time there is not much relief. :(


Its been almost 6 month and I am going crazy and when I ask for something for the pain, they tell me to take ibuprofen or other OTC pain meds, but they are not really making a big difference!!! My PCM said he wants me to stay on the Valtrex for at least 4 weeks before he prescribes anything for nerve pain since those meds will come with side effects. Keep me updated if you find out anything!!! I will do the same.


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