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Just tested positive, but I am a low risk for infection

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I'm sure you guys get a lot of post like this around here and I'm sorry if they are bothersome, but I just really need to discuss this with somebody.

I think it may be a false positive, but I need some reassurance and some direction as to what my next step should be.

I am 24 year old female, I have never had intercourse before but I have had oral sex. My first experience was a child when I was molested by a teenage boy. He was probably only 13/14 at the time so I do not believe he was infected. A couple years ago I performed oral sex on a man, it only happened one time with this person and the encounter probably only lasted about a minute.


I've had oral sex with my current boyfriend multiple times, but before he was with me he had never even kissed anybody.


I was given the IGG test. The results came back as .90 for HSV 1 and 2.06 for HSV 2. I have no symptoms.

If the infection is at least a couple years old would the results for HSV 2 be higher? What can I do from here to be sure if I have herpes?

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I'm definitely not the most knowledgeable on test results. I can tell you for sure that you should talk to your doctor about this stuff and expect to get solid answers. If your doctor isn't providing the kind of information you need, find a new one.


For now, try to focus on good things you can do while minimizing risk of transmission. Those numbers would generally indicate a recent infection, so wash those hands with regular soap and warm water to prevent spreading.


It seems like you are at a point where you are tempted to dwell on the "how" and "why". Don't let yourself be sucked into that pit, it leads to confusion, anger and sadness pretty quickly. Keep thinking about the future, and make it a future where herpes isn't a big deal. Because it won't be. Either way your diagnosis turns out, you won't have changed fundamentally.

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Is it possible if parents have the virus that they can pass it down to their children in the form of antibodies?? Not actual infection but maybe antibodies? Maybe it is these people that get the virus but never get symptoms? Or the people that get exposed but never contract the virus??

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@funnygirl, the short answer is no. The mother only can pass passive antibodies, but they are only detectable for a few months of the infants life. In addition, the blood tests do not test for the virus and herpes does not live in the blood; they test for sites on antibodies that the virus is known to produce (these sites may or may not be produced other antigens).

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