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Confusing Symptoms (OB around anus)

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I had my first OB and was diagnosed with genital hsv1 in November 2017. Since then I've had constant itching/aching in the boxer shorts area but no new blisters, sometimes just a few little red dots on my buttocks. Symptoms are getting better as I'm shaving less down there and using tea tree and some days now I feel almost normal. Yet again though I've started my period and feeling itchy, fluey and I seem to also get a swollen anal fissure that is very itchy as well around this time. DR says it's not a herpes OB but I think it is...therefore pretty sure I'm contagious.


Wondering if anyone else has experienced similar/has any advice? One moment I feel like I have this under control and the next I'm itching and aching and feeling run down again.

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I have oral and genital HSV 1.


I had my first outbreak 15 years ago at 21, and then not much after that with the exception of an occasional cold sore every few years, then BAM!! This past winter, things started going nuts! I was under immense stress and I think that the stress, coupled with my age and hormonal changes led to my ladyparts just erupting with a ton of crazy symptoms. Part of my symptoms are definitely just irritation and itching in that region. I read another women's story about having a similar issue and she suggested Vagisil wipes.


I'm now on month 5 of constant symptoms and I've talked to a few other women that have had genital HSV 1 or 2 and went symptom free for years, only to have things go crazy in their late 30's or 40's... my guess is that hormones play a role in the body changing and someone it triggers this tricky little virus to become overly active.


From my experience, symptoms range from sores (small raw spots) during the first 2 months to now just a tingling, a burning sensation and overall itching. I have never once had a blister or cluster of blisters.


I am now taking 1g of Valtrex daily to try to get these symptoms under control and also like you have been using tea tree oil as well.



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I have the same symptoms. I'm positive for HSV2 15+ years. Last 4 years I'm suffering from "prodrome feeling" almost constantly, but with just 1-2 outbreaks per year. I feel tingling, itching in my penis, at my perineum and anus (how embarassing to describe that), sometimes its progressing to right groin. Sometimes even to right shoulder blade (totaly weird). Sometimes my penis is less sensitive (and Im totally panicking then).


Its 4 years and I'm really down.

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@mstanya1234 - The burning I use to feel was almost like a sunburn feeling the skin just above my clitoris area. The skin where you have pubic hair. However I have also had irritated inside my vagina, where my vagina just feels like it's just been in a bad mood. I notice I am getting that feeling usually about a week before my period. Having sex doesn't make it worse, it actually makes it feel better, which is so weird.


As of the last 2 weeks, a lot of my symptoms have calmed down a lot. I haven't had any raw areas and the burning, tingling has almost stopped. Now the only thing I'm experiencing which is new - is this intense itching that randomly starts usually as I'mw waking up in the morning. It feels like ants crawling all over the skin of my ladybits and my tush. I have followed in the advice of another woman on this site and picked up some medicated Vagisil wipes and as soon as the itch starts I give myself a wipe and it usually helps calm it down within minutes.


I really have been paying attention to my body and it seems my symptoms are falling into a pattern with my monthly hormonal changes. This virus is so tricky.


@goran - I feel like I'm in the same boat hun. No issues for so many years then all of a sudden I had prodrome feelings for almost 5 months straight! It's just crazy.


Things are slowly getting better, which I am so thankful for, but now this itching I'm experiencing makes me want to tear my hair out!

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i know excatly what you mean by the itching. sometimes it wakes me up at night! crazy. i also related to "sunburn" feeling, sometimes I have the same. In my case its probably not related to hormone cycle :)

Thank for sharing, hope you will be fine soon!

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@Goran - I know you will prob feel kinda weird buying/using them, but the medicated Vagisil wipes in the purple package seem to give me some relief. They were actually almost sold out at both Targets that I went to...so there's a lot of women out there with lady issues and I bet many of them have H and don't even know it, since this itching seems to be a big symptom without anything else.


Also - I'm trying to figure out the correlation if any but I may have noticed that when I eat chocolate and/or peanut butter the itching may be worse... I love both of those things but I'm going to try to completely eliminate them from my diet and see if that helps. I'll let you know.

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Hey all, hope everyone is doing ok.


Just back on here this evening as I've been feeling like things are getting better recently, I've been more careful/infrequent with shaving down below and also been wearing a lot of loose clothing which seems to help. It sounds like a lot of my issues are nerve pain related which my doc says can be a side effect of a herpes OB, so I'm hoping it all kind of calms down during my 1st year of having it (I'll be 1 year this November).


Last night though I went out clubbing, had quite a few drinks (I am not a big drinker and rarely drink), and then this morning the itching down there was really bad and it woke me up, and my ladyparts are pink and swollen, and the itching is bad again around my anus. I'm thinking that the excess alcohol has caused this, which is interesting but also annoying! Will have to keep an eye on symptoms after I've had a drink to see if a pattern emerges...


Feeling stressed out at the moment, had a pretty bad week a couple weeks ago as I'm just so confused as to whether my symptoms are an active OB (my docs insist they are not), but to be honest I'm just scared of passing this onto anyone else. I've been close to disclosing recently and it's been making me pretty anxious.

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