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would like to hear from the guys

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hi everybody,

im still fairly new to this and have yet to get tested to confirm which one I have. i got 1.04 equivocal with hsv 1/2 lgm test. though judging from what ive been feeling i pretty much think its hsv 2. would like to hear from the guys as to what i should expect in the next couple of days. and what they did to get past depression. i really hate myself cause i just came from a 13 year relationship that ended in a break up and depression for me. so i decided to go on a vacation and stupidly got an escort. i used a condom but i can still see how careless i was. now i have hsv 2. i honestly thought things were gonna start looking up for me and that ive finally gotten over my depression but thats life. ive considered several times to just end it all cause i feel so alone.

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I'm not a guy, but I wonder if you got this from the escort or if you had this and it just didn't present till now? I guess, I'm wondering because a one night stand using a condom is pretty low risk esp female to male. I'm sorry you are so depressed, but pick yourself up and move past this. It will get better with time. Go back and read @hippyherpy posts from beginning to end. You'll feel better about this.

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thanks for replying. thats another possibility i am worried about. could it have been there all along and only surfaced now. tbh this was the first time i ever had been tested for hsv. but from what ive read, doesnt equivocal mean recent exposure? but also going back to the escort, i had unprotected oral and there was some rubbing that happened with genitals. should i even still get tested?

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Yes, unequivocal does mean "leaving no doubt".....your number seemed pretty low. I've had this 35 plus years, but there is plenty I don't know. I just know the chances are quite low in the situation you were in, but not impossible. I would definitely get tested again. In the meantime, you can go to "Westover Heights" website which is questions answered by a very well known herpes specialist (I'm sure her title is much more sophisticated) Terri Warren. You will learn a ton by reading her answers. She also has written a book called "The good news about the bad news."

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As a dude.

You did make a mistake, even if to try to patch a wound. You still didn't "deserve" the outcome.

I can understand your sadness and your anger may be effecting your self-image to the point of fearing you will never be you again. I felt that pain, man.

But remind yourself that those feelings are temporary. You're going to keep being you, and you're going to get your strength and your pride back.

Test yourself if you need proof, examine your ability to perform at work, witness that nothing is any easier or harder. Test your ability to be a decent guy who opens doors for those who need a hand, and let's others merge when they need to make a lane change in traffic. You'll see that you can influence other people in a way that is meaningful, just by being ready and making a small gesture of respect.

If you can do those things, which you definitely can, you can find reasons to regain your own respect and admiration.

The old markh didn't go anywhere. He is just struggling with some real thoughts and emotions that have him feeling down. But that won't last long.

Try to find something to do that will get you excited, whether it's seeing a movie, going to a concert, picking up that dusty old guitar, or putting those aftermarket parts on your car. Let yourself be excited about the idea of it. Make a solid plan to do that thing really soon. Feel the anticipation and hope for the future build. Then remember that feeling and know that you will feel it again about all kinds of great things!

Keep your thoughts turned away from sadness, anger and shame. Think those thoughts when you have to, but try not to dwell on them. Instead, try to steer your mind toward that positive future you know will come. Do things that help make the good stuff possible. It:ll get a easier as time goes on. You'll still struggle sometimes, but it will be less difficult and last for shorter duration more and more until you'll eventually realize that you've felt okay long enough to find yourself feeling like old mikeh again.


Trust me, herpes won't be the biggest deal for you soon. Soon, you'll be worried about the same stuff that you used to worry about. Like whether those jeans can hold out another day before a wash, and how you wish the final season of Game of Thrones would hurry up and release already.

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thanks so much for your replies. it means a lot to me. i wont let this define me. i never changed. im still the nice quiet shy guy ive always been. i know i have a difficult road ahead of me but I'll take it one day at a time. and will always extend a helping hand to those in need. it actually makes me feel better when i do and helps me not dwell on the sadness. I'll cross the bridge when i get there. for now I'll live my life the way i always have. thank you again.

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I know it may mean nothing but did u ever reach out to the escort and just simply asked her , body language and words can definitely tell u if they had it and knew , but I know the pain I got a full on ob four months from possibly catching it so I will truly never know where he came from

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