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Nervous and skeptical about visual “diagnosis”

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Hi all,


20f here. I’ve just started seeing someone I really like, and we had unprotected sex for the first time a little under a week ago. The next day I went in to planned parenthood to get an IUD birth control implant, as it works as emergency contraception and I am inconsistent with the birth control pill. When the midwife went to insert the measuring tool (dont know if this is what it’s called but I’m fairly sure it wasn’t a speculum) , however, I felt pain and discomfort (which admittedly was heightened by my anxiety over getting the implant in the first place) and she said when she looked inside of me, she could see what looked like open wounds. I thought it was tearing because I have experienced such every time I’ve had sex (which has only been twice with this guy and once with another) and it usually heals within two to three days. I was absolutely freaked out when she told me she wanted to test me for herpes. I got a swap test done there. I ended up going to another doctor and explaining the situation to her and when I told her, she said they looked more like lesions than tears to her, and she sent me for blood work and a urine sample. She also prescribed me Valtrex to take while I wait on the results. The past few days I have been an absolute wreck and I’ve been having trouble getting out of bed and having trouble eating. I’m also very confused because after a lot of googling I’ve noticed that people experiencing their first outbreak tend to experience a lot of pain and get quite sick, while I haven’t had any of these symptoms and did not have any problems until having sex a few days ago. Also, unless the guy transmitted it to me orally the first time we had sex (over a month ago), it’d be impossible for me to get it now as the virus couldn’t have been transmitted to me in a matter of hours (meaning from the time we had unprotected sex to the time I went to the doctor, which was less than 24 hours in between), right? Maybe I’m in denial, but if anyone could help and share their experiences with their first outbreak to give me a little more perspective that might be helpful. I really am just worried about the conversation I have to have with him if my swab test does come back positive, and that it’ll ruin our relationship because I really do like him... Thanks.

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