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Diagnosed and Pregnant

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Well before the diagnosis things in my life were already bad and I didn't think they could get any worst. After a long relationship, and already being 6 months pregnant i found out my boyfriend was cheating and got someone else pregnant too. So as the weeks go on I was devastated not able to eat for about two weeks straight it was bad. One day I felt really sick like I had the flu and I also started contracting so I went to the hospital. Never in my life did I think I was going to receive the results I received. As they went to do the speculum exam I asked the doctors be careful because I had a cut down there I think it was from shaving she quickly looked frightened and said I think you have Herpes. At this point I was shocked and I immediately called him and he was in denial thinking the results would show different. So over the 2 day weekend I sat in my room all day scaring myself about this disease and finally on Monday I went to the doctors but at this point I already figured it would be positive they diagnosed me with HSV2 but they did tell me my blood test was negative from in April and August of 2017, and february of 2016 (I requested they test me for it) and the igg shows it was a initial outbreak also indicating I would have to have a c section. So I called my ex and he asked to talk in person and all the conversation consisted of him telling me i was lying and a whore for cheating on him because he went to the clinic and all his test results were negative, what he didn't realize was they never tested him for herpes. So eventually he went back and apologized and said I was right they didn't test him and he was waiting for his results but he was positive for chlamydia. So I ran to the doctors but my test results were negative from the hospital so they just ran the test again and it was still negative thankfully. I'm finally coming to understanding with the diagnosis it's funny how before I looked at it as a nasty disease but it's really more of a skin infection than a sti. Also shockingly it's very common. I cut all contact with my ex and will resume after I have the baby just to finish my pregnancy off as healthy as I can, and I may be able to have my daughter natural since I was in my second trimester stoll discussing that with my doctors, but if it's to risky I will proceed with the c section. I feel like the part that hurt the most was that the person I loved put my health and our child's health in jeopardy because it could have been way worst.

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You might need to consider cutting ties with this guy completely.

Your description of the situation paints a picture of someone who is deceitful and selfish.


Glad that you took your concerns directly to your doctor. Keep following their recommendations and keep them informed as things change.

You seem to have a very strong will and are very resillient, you should be proud!

Stay focused on the future. Because it will be a good future!

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