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Diagnosed a few hours ago and I feel like my world has turned upside down.

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Tears are streaming down my face, as they have been all day. Last Wednesday evening I had some burning while urinating, thinking a UTI I got into the doctors on Friday. After submitting my urine the doctor came in for 30 seconds, told me I had a bladder infection and gave me a script for 5 days. Not feeling any relief I went and got some azo, which numbs your bladder. Let me tell you, by Sunday the pain was so bad I didn't want to drink anything so I wouldn't have to go to the bathroom! I also woke up with a super sorry throat which I thought was weird since I've been on an antibiotic for 3 days. Igot back in to the same doctor Monday and she was thinking kidney stones (still no exam). Sends me for a CT which came back negative for stones and calls me in another script. Today I expected some sort of relief and nothing, I spent all night doing research, the sore throat was key, I immediately knew I must have herpes. I tried looking lol couldn't tell. I went to my obgyn today and he said I have 3 ulcers on the opening of my vagina. I lost it, I can't believe it. My boyfriend who I have been with for a year, gets cold sores, he has since he was born. He has only had one since we have started dating and when he gets it he immediately takes medication. Thankfully his reaction was super supportive and he is concerned that he gave it to me. He's going to get tested too. I'm not sure which virus I have and at this point it doesn't matter. I'm perscrived valtrex, 1g, 2x a day for 5 days then 500mg for a year. I'm just heartbroken. I've read alot of posts and I know I feel how alot of you felt. Most of all I just want this pain to go away. I haven't been diagnosed with tonsillitis but I have had it many times in the past and it feels like that's what I have but read it could be from the herpies. I guess I'm just looking for some motivation or suggestions on what I can do to improve this (diet, etc) I never want an out real again. Thanks in advance.

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Hey, I know the feeling. I think my results came in like 4 weeks or so ago. I don't really remember. Anyway it totally blindsided me as I didn't even have symptoms.


None the less, I was able to get over it pretty quickly as I did a lot of research to figure out exactly what just happened and what I should be prepared for. Medically speaking, it's just not a big deal. Sometimes (and seemingly in your case) the first outbreak is the worst and often you are able to get this under control with medication if it doesn't correct itself on it's own (similar to your boyfriend who rarely gets cold sores).


Overall, being healthy and trying not to stress is the best. There is a lot of info out there regarding diets (specifically what food to eat and not), but there is nothing out there that is scientifically proven. Perhaps more of a placebo effect... the power of the mind. One item that I do subscribe to is taking vitamin C pills to boost your immunity. I personally already did that prior to my lab results though.


The best advice is to exercise regularly, eat healthy meals, and try not to stress. This applies to everyone whether or not they have an HSV diagnosis.


Finally, it gets better. You're just going through the scariest part. Not having all the answers is tough, but if you choose to read up on it you'll realize you're going to be fine.


Hope this helps!

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Thank you! Funny you commented I just read your post. How are you doing? I know this is the worst part, mentally, I will learn to accept it it's just really fresh lol. I just can't wait to start feeling better.


I appreciate your help, I will look into vitamin c. That's always good anyway. My first isn't horrible but I could be better.

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Haha, funny. It would be only weird if you didn't have any reaction at all since it's so new. :)


As far as myself, I'm doing pretty well. I still read a lot about HSV...I think mostly just out of curiosity. I can be kind of a nerd like that sometimes. However, I haven't had the chance to have a fun "disclosure talk", but I did end things with a girl after two dates given she drove me a little crazy. I guess by that, I mean I don't feel like any less of a person with my my HSV2 results. I still want what I want and I think I can talk confidently enough that a future partner won't immediately run away, lol.


Good luck w/ everything!


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