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Happy to answer any questions. I've been there for 7 years...

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Hi all, I hope this finds all of you well. Being a 7 year survivor of HS2, I know what most of you are going thru. If anyone has any questions please ask or message me. I really don't want anyone to feel sad or helpless or lost like i did years ago. If somebody told me back then what i know now, it would of made it all so much better.


So I'm here to help if i can.....

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I’ve just been diagnosed (yesterday!) with hsv2. Pretty scary and I’m also married - been with wife for 7 years but never unfaithful. Was tested because of infection in my hand but turned out to be herpes!


Question is my igg came back at 14. Doctor said because it was so high it’s likely I’ve had the infection for a long time! Igm was negative?!


All totally new and scary! Wife is going to be tested this week!






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Hi, I have a question. I am in my first year of contracting hsv2 and haf back to back very painful ourbreaks at the beginning so after months of hell I was finally put on suppresive therapy which has helped amazingly although I do worry if I feel a slight pinch that randomly comes and goes now and again but luckily no visable sore. I am wondering if you have had hsv2 for that many years have you found your outbreaks have reduced dramatically and if so how much by and does it get better year by year? I am a single parent and juggling work so life can be a tad stressful at times which I am doing everything on my power to try not be as I am paranoid that stress will set an outbreak off but can't completely avoid stress as it's just life. Any advice would be appreciated thanks

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Thank you for offering to take questions.  There is so much information out there on this and while most is the same, sometimes it's hard to find exactly what I want to know.  If one has hsv2 by the rectum (primary location) and has never had any symptoms/lesions anywhere else, are prodromes in that area a sign the virus is active on the surface of the skin, even though there is no sore?  Would prodromes be just as contagious as if there was an open sore?  I read somewhere that the virus can never go to another area of the genitals after the primary location is established, as antibodies prevent it from spreading further, , so this would mean it cannot spread on the vagina, labia, etc.  That said, if prodromes occur at the rectum area, are the odds of transmital are as high as if there was an open sore if penile contact occurred?  These prodromes never progress to blisters or sores.


Also, I downloaded the fact sheet from here (helpful!) and it says transmittal can only occur when the contagious area comes into contact with mucous membrane or crack of the skin.  Does this mean it's only if a penis were to make contact with the area around the rectum when prodrome exists that there is a chance of transmittal? (i.e. vaginal penetration would be ok as there would be no penile contact with the rectum?).  

Also, when one has viral shedding, which I realize can occur at any time with no symptoms, , is it just in the area where the primary sore was?  Or is it in your entire genital region?  

The only lesions/sores were during the primary outbreak and daily suppressants are not being taken.

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