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First OB, IgG 10.0. How?

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I am in very bad pain right now with a first outbreak. Cultures not back but blood test for HSV2 is 10.0. IgM is negative.


I am 53 and been faithfully married for 23 years. I assuming that this result means this has been dormant for years? Could one us had this even before we got married?


I am wracking my brain thinking that any itch or weird feeling I have ever had...could those have been minor flare ups that I had no clue about? If so, why would this OB be so horrendous which is usually the first or initial OB?


Gyn put me on Valtrex and Im on day 3 of taking it. The doctor said it was a very bad case (worst she has seen) and knew it was HSV but figured it was an initial outbreak since I told her I never had anything like this before, which is the truth.


Has anyone else has this strange situation? When will I be out of pain down there. Going 1 or 2 is hell on earth. Sitting is a nightmare. Walking. Getting in and out of the car... coughing... wahhhh


Thanks for reading



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The first OB is usually the worse. At least that was my experience as a guy. I was in pain, very fatigued and my leg muscles were so painful i could barely walk. The good news was that after the first month, the following OB's were less and less bothersome. Until now they really aren't very noticeable at all

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Just incredibly confused. If I have had this, as the igg states, why did I never have a major OB (or any OB that I was aware of)? I have never had a cold sore in my life nor has my husband so the negative igg for HSV1 didn’t surprise me. This whole incident is a shock at my age. Could this awful OB be due to the fact that I had surgery on 4/5? Could the shock to my body have caused the dormant HSV2 to suddenly get the best of me? This is so bad that the thought of it happening again, even half as bad as this time, makes me want to cry.

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I’ve been with my partner for 6 years and I’ve just been diagnosed with hsv2, I’ve never had a visible outbreak but occasionally have small bumps around the thigh area which I thought were harmless.


My igg came back at 14 for hsv2. I’m led to believe that such a high index is linked to an established virus.


Both my partner and I have never been unfaithful. This is causing a lot of stress. My partner will be tested this week.


How did you husband react and was he negative after all this time?


Wishing you the best!



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