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having a herpes outbreak - how to lessen pain?

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Ihate this. Ihavnt been too stressed or anything istarted to feel alil pain last night and today it hurts. I'm starting to form blisters and I'm on vacation. I'm so upset. Ihavnt had one since January and I'm preparing myself for it. Idont have my medicine and ihave to order it but I'm out of town. Ineed advice on what ishould do or the best thing to do to make this go as painless as ican. Iknoe baths with Epsom salt and that's all iknoe. I'm just afraid of the pain

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Vaseline to coat the sores (use gloves) before you pee, this creates a barrier. Try not to stop drinking water in order to pee less (it concentrates the urine making it much more painful). Take a big jug of water with you and pour over sores before you pee (this will sting), then pee whilst pouring the water over as it stings much less. There is local anesthetic cream which is OUTSTANDING completely removes all pain for about 20 minutes. Wear loose clothing. Lots of painkillers (stagger them if you are using paracetamol and ibuprofen, so paracetamol then ibuprofen 2 hrs later then back to paracetamol, do not overdose). Try not to walk about much.

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try to get some curcuma/tumeric pills they are natural antiviarles.

Please dont take to much ibuprofen , it can cause stomach bleeding...my sister is a doctor and she told me that its really dangerous to take to much of it....

Hope you dont get outbreak

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Hey aside from medicine I've found that holding ice against blisters (with a rag between your skin and the ice) lessens itching and pain. Also I've read that taking a used black tea bag (let it cool!) and compressing it on is soothing and helps with healing. Other than that wear lose clothes and just keep your mind off of it and you'll be okay! Lots of love

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