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I have some questions on the blood test. It's rather confusing.


My Dr. told me last week, "this result shows, that my current outbreak was from a recent exposure".


It was the IgG antibodies serum test.


Below in the notes on the test, negative-No detectable HSV IgG antibody.


I know I have HSV I went to the Dr with two ulcers, she called them. So, I do not have any doubts, that I have HSV.


It's just the blood work is very confusing to me. I am positive for HSV1 The test said negative for HSVII Which, of course, as stated, I know I have it.


She said it seemed to be a "new exposure" to me because I had no antibodies built up yet. I hope I am explaining this well. I didn't want to write a book. :)


If anyone can help with more understanding, that would be great!


Thank you so much!

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I have been with my boyfriend for 2 years and 7 months. We recently got engaged two weeks ago. He is the only person I have been with during this whole time.


He got tested a week ago. His test was positive, for type 1 and 2. My test was positive for type 1. The sample she took from the ulcers was positive. But, my test from the blood was negative. The Dr. called me yesterday and explained this to me very well. Cleared a lot of for me. She said in 4 months or so, my blood test for type 2 would be positive.


What is so shocking to me is how he can be positive and has never had an outbreak. Which, I know this can happen. He was married for a long time and I would guess, she is at least exposed to it. She has never had a breakout either. How did I get so unlucky! He said he would have known in their married time together if she had been through a breakout. It's not something you really hide, if you are in a marriage. (I would hope).


Since, his marriage ended, I am the only person he has been with. He had NO idea he was a carrier, as my Dr put it to me. It has taken this long in our relationship for me to even go through a breakout. To be honest, I just knew it was going to be me who had given it to him. I have dated a lot more since my marriage than he has.

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