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Multiple negative igg tests for both hsv-1 and hsv-2 but I'm not totally convinced

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I'll get straight to the point as I've been stuck and depressed about this for 5 months I'm not sure how to move forward,

8 years ago after having a casual hook up I had a single pimple/red blister lesion close to the base of my penis, I popped it and a lot of straw like fluid and blood came out it was painful and it left a ulceration type lesion that was itchy and healed up a week or two later. I could have sworn it was herpes but had no clue about testing so went for an IGG hsv-1 and hsv-2 test multi times everything came up negative even months later. Over the years I've had itching sometimes and redness but nothing out of the usual. Fast forward 8 years later on dec 28th I felt a sharp tingle/sting and later that night checked it out and I had a singlel small open abrasion type sore did not hurt or itch, assumed it may have been from my zipper but I don't know if it was. Since then I've been freaking out I've had 3 type specific igg blood test, two from quest and one from LabCorp everything is negative. My doctor says I'm negative and that I can feel confident in my results and move forward and that I don't need to disclose but what of this is genital hsv1? What the heck should I do? I can't afford a westren blot ATM. Should I just inform partners that i may have the coldsore virus like over 50% of the population even though I don't test positive for it just in case. I don't was to specify that I may have genital hsv1 because I don't test positive but at the same time I'm suspicious. Do I just forget about it because if I do have it I'm no more infectious than everyone else who gets coldsores and dont disclose. I'm driving my self crazy. Every blood test I take is negative and I can't wait another 8 years for a swab. HELP. I'm thinking about saying I test positive for hsv1 and leave it at that just incase I actually do have it. This is the worst predicament to be in.


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Hi there, yes that is a dilemma and maybe others on here have some suggestions. I have been in a similar but slightly different dilemma myself; here's how I have handled it; I got H when I was 16 back in the late 90's (yikes long time ago). I was aware of it because I found out the person I had been with had it and I started getting prodromals within days of being with him and would get prodromal symptoms off and on for over 20 years but nothing I could really call an outbreak or at least anything very visible.) Oh yah, and the prodromals consistently came on with classic triggers for H (chocolate, nuts, stress ) Back then I didn't really have access to info on H like we do now and a few times I asked my dr I was told if there's no outbreak to swab there's no point in taking a blood test. So I just went on with life accepting I had this and telling partners. One person did get it from me which provided more confirmation to me that I was positive for H. Then a few years ago (over 20 years since I believe I acquired H) I got into a serious relationship and my new boyfriend didn't believe me when I had the talk since I never had an actual test (... or maybe didn't want to believe me) so I went and got a blood test to prove it to him and gosh darn it I came back negative for both 1 and 2! And I'm pretty sure I have it orally too! I feel that all the circumstantial evidence is there so I chose to believe that yes I have HSV. BTW a few years down the road, that boyfriend/fiancé did get it from me as well. He chose to never use condoms and I took antivirals. Unfortunately not fool-proof. So for me despite a negative test result, I just knew in my heart I had H. I don't think I could handle taking a chance in not disclosing. Oh yah, my "talk" says something to the effect of "I have tested negative for herpes but I'm certain I do have it." (and then I explain why I think I have it).


Good luck in whatever you decide. Just try not to stay in limbo, not a good place to be!


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I was tested for both HSV 1 & 2, both negative (not sure if that's what you're asking?). Its a tough situation. Yes you can choose not to disclose like you're dr. says, however if in your heart you feel like you have reason to think you might have it based on some of the things you listed in your original posting, than the guilty conscience will eat you up and the terrible feeling if you do have it and pass it on may be awful. Maybe you should just give it time...consider having an open and frank conversation with anyone you are intimate with explaining your situation as it stands right now, and down the road take the more expensive test when you can better afford it? Rather than being in a place of limbo that is driving you crazy right now, at least it can put in a place of feeling a little more in control of your situation. Some of my disclosures have followed a similar pattern where the guy will say something to the affect of "so it's possible you DON'T have it then right?" and I'll basically reiterate "BUT its possible that I do have it, and I would rather be up front with you about that so you can make an informed decision that's best for you". This conversation has always lead to a lot of respect and admiration from partners because they know darn well with the situation I'm in (testing negative) that I could justify not disclosing. So I think my prospective partners feel it says a lot about my character.

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@LovetheMountains - I really love your advice and I have to share that I have been in a similar boat and disclosed. Only good things and positivity has come from that.


@whatshouldido -


I know I have HSV1, but it has been dormant for years and recently I have experienced a ton of issues down there to make me think that it's either reactivated OR I have possibly recently contracted HSV2 and am experiencing the first outbreak from that.


Either way I chose to disclose my HSV1 status to a new man I have been dating and low and behold he has HSV1 too. That was a huge relief.


I took my time getting to know him and waited about a month to be intimate with him and before that happened - I shared with him that I was concerned that the recent issues I was experiencing could be from my HSV1 OR could be a possible new infection of HSV2 and that I just wasn't sure yet. I told him I got 2 negative tests months after my issues started and was planning to go again for a 3rd test to finally put the issue to bed, but wanted to be upfront with him because I wanted to protect him as best i could and wanted him to know what I was experiencing because it could affect our intimacy.


He responded with:


"So what? So what if you DO have HSV2? It's just a skin rash, it's not some life-threatening issue. I am falling in love with you. I understand you are worried and trying to protect me, but if we end up together long-termit's not like I'm going to wear a condom forever."


Being open and honest and HUMAN is the only thing you can do. Someone will either understand and care about you and want to work through it OR they will have another reaction that you can't predict. I can tell you that if you are open and the other person IS understanding, it can bring you closer and pave the way for a lasting relationship...AND great sex because you won't feel like you are hiding something.



THAT being said I have communicated with a handful of women on this site who have struggled with HSV issues and many of their partners haven't had any issues at all. This virus is obviously a tricky one and you can't predict who it will latch onto or how it will affect them IF at all.


Just be honest and also remember that sites like this wouldn't exist if this wasn't something that was affecting so many people. :)



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I'm guessing you dont have to take suppresive therapy for hsv1 even if you do have it genitally. Not like any doctor would prescribe it to me because I don't test positive. I think I may try to forget the issue and if a female ask just say "I probably have the coldsore virus"... i believe hsv1 is hsv1 no matter location. Even more it's more infectious orally. I'm single and I want to date without making this a huge issue. I actually work in a hospital with a ton of nurses my age and if I think about it too much it feels like a nightmare. But I think disclosing I probably have the coldsore virus is as honest as I can be. What do you guys think?

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You can get a Western Blot test to confirm the results. In addition, I don't think you should disclose anything. I believe y'all should disclose your recent STD results (you should see evidence of the results) at the same times. I have seen on this forum about disclosing multiple times, but it is always posed as a one way conversation when in fact it should be a normal part of the relationship.

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