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Anybody suffers from long long prodrome without outbreaks?

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I'm positive for HSV2 15+ years. Last 4 years I'm suffering from "prodrome feeling" almost constantly, but with just 1-2 outbreaks per year. I feel tingling, itching in my penis, at my perineum and anus (how embarassing to describe that), sometimes its progressing to right groin. Sometimes even to right shoulder blade (totaly weird). Sometimes my penis is less sensitive (and Im totally panicking then).


Until the end of the last year, I used to have time from time blisters on my penis, but not typical outbreak, it was like one or two very deep blisters which never bursted, but just dissapeared after some time. I had blood test in that time and result was "you are positive, but virus is not active now". Fortunatelly its not recuring now (but anybody experienced someting like that?)


The prodrome feelings are worsening right after the urination or several hours after sex.


I was checked by urologist, venerologist (full panel, including HIV), neurologist, MRI but nobody knows what is the problem. I tried antivirotics for like one month with no effect, now Im on Lyrica with no effect.


Im very uncomfortable that I dont know what is my problem. Its really eating me alive.


Anybody suffers from the same? Like long long prodrome feeling without real outbreaks (or very few)?

Can I have the prodrome when the blood test shows "virus not active now"?


Thank you very much for answer, Im really down.


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Hey Goran.

Back in November I started having a burning/tingling sensation on/in my Vag. Been to several Doctors. Got tested for everything from STD's to Autoimmune disease. Tried tons of creams and potions. At some point the burning / creepy crawly under skin sensation also spread to my face, chest, back, arms, shoulders and sometimes my thighs.

Every day is different. I have good days and bad days. Some days it burns when I pee, some days it doesn't.


The only test that came back positive was HSV2, but I have had that for 15+ years but never had any major problems. My Obgyn thinks it's from herpes, but he also recommended to go see a Dermatologist. However, he can not find anything wrong down there.


For now I am on 1000mg Valtrex. I take 500mg in the morning and 500mg in the evening. It takes the edge off some, but the burning and tingling are still there. Just not as bad as it was the first 3 month.


I still want to go see a Urologist since my urethra seems to be affected, just to rule anything out on that end, then Dermatology. If they don't find anything, then it's definitely from Herpes. We are about to move across country in 2 weeks, so for now my Dr visits are on hold until we relocated. Maybe new Doctors have an idea.

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